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Serial Entrepreneurs Rick and Nancy Monsipapa have a passion for sales. With over 40 years of combined experience in retail, wholesale and insurance, the Monsipapa’s have built a name for themselves as entrepreneurial sales trainers and motivators.

Their company Nail the Sale is the product of their combined passions, offering tools and services to other entrepreneurs who are eager to move their enterprises forward.

Nail the Sale was founded to motivate and inspire both new and established business owners to give them the specific sales training needed to take their ventures to the next level.  Offerings include; one-on-one personal consulting, weekly bit-sized fifteen-minute sales training podcasts with expert guests and learning manuals that provide easy access to tried and true tips and techniques for sales teams or fledgling salesmen and women struggling with closing. They also provide a sales assessment tool that can help provide deliver insight when looking to hire the right candidate for the right sales role. Recently have also added a more in-depth sales training for larger corporate clients.

Rick Monsipapa has been in sales since he graduated from California State University – Chico. Having been a lifelong entrepreneur since the age of eleven, he has started and operated several successful businesses, with his chain of coffee houses being his claim to fame.

Rick met his wife, Nancy, when they were both employed by a construction software company where he was the corporate sales trainer responsible for onboarding new sales staff helping them to succeed quickly, selling an online tool.

Rick wrote a sales guide for home sellers looking to sell their properties quickly, entitled 9.5 Ways to Sell yourHome in 30 Days: The Home Seller’s Guide to SOLD!  On the other side of America, Nancy was matriculating at Miami University of Ohio when she realized that sales was in her DNA. Upon graduation, she answered an advertisement in the local paper for Cutco Knives and started selling specialty cutlery to homeowners right in the comfort of their homes.

Moving from employment roles in retail, not-for-profit, restaurants, and entrepreneurship, Nancy found her way back into sales and has made a name for herself mentoring and motivating other women. Helping them focus on developing their skill sets and growing their businesses.

The dynamic duo has co-authored the book, Nail The Sale: Sales Training For Entrepreneurs, in which they give easy to use tips and techniques for entrepreneurs to move their businesses forward. The book is an informal conversation between them and the reader, to make it easy to apply immediately. The sales manual also includes their mistakes as well as successes to allow the reader to laugh and have fun as they absorb the tips and tricks.
The two can be found in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg sharing their sales insights at special events including; local workshops, Innovation Summits and on their weekly “Nail the Sale” Podcast.

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