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An innovative belt line featuring a patented belt closure that makes dressing easier

Myself Belts are an innovative belt line featuring a patented belt closure that makes dressing easier. From potty-training toddlers to school-age children, to adults with special needs or hand-dexterity challenges, Myself Belts are a clothing accessory that promotes independence!

They say “necessity is the mother of invention,” and Myself Belts is a perfect example of this well-known adage. Talia Goldfarb invented Myself Belts with her sister, Danielle Eason, after being frustrated that her skinny son’s pants no longer fit properly after becoming potty-trained. After scouring the mall, Talia discovered that there were no belts on the market designed specifically for young children. A toddler’s favorite words are “All by myself!” and Talia didn’t want to lock her son up in a traditional belt that she had to help him with, as he was so proud to be independent after learning this new skill.

Talia and Danielle decided to do something about this void in the marketplace and invented Myself Belts, the belt kids can fasten themselves.

Myself Belts have an easy to fasten, patented, one-handed belt closure that makes dressing easier. Parents can have peace of mind when their children are at school, knowing that they can independently use the bathroom, even when they wait until the last minute. Teachers are huge fans of Myself Belts also, as they can teach instead of helping kids in the bathroom!

Prior to creating Myself Belts, Talia was a social worker and worked with kids and families in the foster care system. Shifting to being an entrepreneur and business owner was a huge learning curve, but Talia has used her instinct and network to educate herself and successfully move forward. She knew she had a must-have product for parents and so she quickly learned how to manufacture, sell, market, and get press for her new business.

Myself Belts’ patented closure is actually a helpful dressing aid for people of all ages, and the special needs community has been very enthusiastic about the product. The belt is helpful for teens and adults with hand-dexterity challenges, limb differences, cognitive challenges, and anyone who finds using a traditional belt challenging. With their faux buckles, Myself Belts look like traditional belts.

Myself Belts have been featured in many magazines such as Parenting, People, UsWeekly, and Woman’s Day, as well as online publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, and AARP.

After 10 years of growing Myself Belts, Talia appeared on Season 6 of ABC’s Shark Tank and partnered with Daymond John. Shark Tank created incredible brand awareness and validation for Myself Belts, and Daymond John continues to be a supportive presence for Talia. Being a part of Shark Tank was an exciting adventure for her, the brand, and St. Louis!

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