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Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce the $2.7 trillion in unnecessary costs associated with preventable chronic diseases.

We profit, with a purpose, by selling 55,000 shelf-stable foods and supplements that meet a minimum standard of “first doing no harm.” These products are priced at par with major grocery retailers. We partner with physicians, insurance companies, health clubs, and other wellness organizations to bring these resources to the public.

Like many who have been diagnosed with chronic disease, a single routine check-up changed the life of MyFormulary founder Adam Southam. His doctor told him he had abnormally high levels of fat in his blood, a condition called hyperlipidemia, that could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Instead of reaching for medications first, his physician prescribed a book that taught simple dietary changes. Adam’s deadly triglyceride levels plummeted from 1830 to 410 points in 90 days. His doctor then prescribed a high-quality fish oil and his triglycerides dropped another 200 points. Adam tells an amusing story of shopping for fish oil and the confusion that he experienced in trying to choose from dozens of options. Most physicians and pharmacists are not trained in nutrition or Functional Food, which led him to create MyFormulary’s Algorithm that relies wholly upon verifiable clinical facts.

Adam created MyFormulary to guide others on their journey to treat or prevent disease using Functional Foods, tools, and reliable resources.

This algorithm, known as the “Efficacy Engine®,” determines which foods are effective in the treatment or prevention of disease based entirely upon peer-reviewed clinical research. Each food is assigned a report card that shows the effectiveness of its ingredients, ranked A to F, along with the total number of effective ingredients that food contains. These results can be used for grocery shopping lists, recipes, restaurant menu selections, and meal planning.

MyFormulary is adding additional inputs to its Efficacy Engine® including genomic results, prescription use, blood test results, micronutrients contained in foods, and recommended dosages for specific diagnosed diseases. The Efficacy Engine will eventually include results in the form of recipes, restaurant menu items, and meal plans. These are natural extensions to our existing functionality, as a menu item or recipe are identical to a product containing a list of ingredients. For easy, on-the-go access, MyFormulary will also be developing a mobile app for consumers/patients, insurance companies, and medical practitioners.


Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic diseases that are directly caused by poor nutrition. Foods that do more than merely provide calories, known as Functional Foods, can prevent or treat the vast majority of these cases. When integrated with modern medicine, Functional Food— like the kind the Efficacy Engine® leads consumers to—can improve outcomes and, in all cases, lead to healthier lives.

Adam G. Southam, Founder/Chairman
Chief architect of business concept & relationships
Innovation, leadership, patents
35+ years of start-up, development, marketing and branding experience
Leads strategy, marketing & management

Alex H. Danzberger, President/COO
Business Development, M&A, and strategy
30+ years business operations & finance executive in public, private, & startup companies
Senior roles at Chase Manhattan, Honeywell, Digital River, & Capella Education
Leads partnership development, business performance planning & execution

Brion Finlay, CIO/Chief Architect
NextGen hands-on healthcare technology leader
25+ years enterprise software design, development
Lead roles in Guidant, Boston Scientific, Corventis & Medtronic
Front-end consumer applications & websites
Leads application architecture and resource management

Kelly Callahan, Vice President
CRM, Entrepreneurialism, Insurance & Training
10+ years experience in retail services, b2b and b2c sales
management and organization
Leads investor relations, partner success & training programs.

Daniel J. Lynch, Executive Vice President
Fitness industry icon, leader, and speaker
Created medically integrated health clubs
30+ years of fitness center and equipment brand development
Mobil Oil, Chase, HBO, Merrill Lynch and AMEX
Leads health club & fitness sales

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