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It Started with a Crab Cake

It started with a crab cake. MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon was in Baltimore, Maryland, and he wanted to know where the locals go to get the city’s best crab cake. But, he couldn’t find a good, reliable resource online to tell him.

“As a local, I set out in search for the best. I didn’t want a chain. I wanted to go to the top local spot. I later realized I wasn’t alone. So many people want authentic, local flavor, and they don’t know where to get it.”

- Scott Conlon

Since an easy, accessible digital platform of stories about local businesses written by local residents didn’t exist — Scott built his own. After moving to Tampa, he created the ultimate online source of all things local he wanted in Maryland. He built 813area.com, the first of what would become 150 sites across the country under the MyArea Network brand.
Each MyArea Network site, named for their unique area code, does what Conlon envisioned. They create, curate, and publish authentic local content written by locals that’s fresh, relevant, and engaging for today’s digital consumers. But, MyArea Network has quickly grown into so much more than that. It utilizes real-time analytics, virtual reality, and personalization to create impressive experiences via stories and videography, and next year, they’re launching a new mobile app.
MyArea Network has also expanded their vision beyond just helping locals and visitors find great things to do, places to go, and what makes the area special. They’re focused on helping communities as a whole.
“Local businesses are the backbone and core of any great community,” says Conlon. “So we’re making MyArea Network an engagement platform that’s useful to both local residents and local businesses so we can help communities thrive and remain unique.”

MyArea Network Mobile

MyArea Network founder, Scott Conlon

MyArea Network now offers marketing services that help local businesses adopt digital technology and grow and succeed in their community faster. The model, which is on pace to do $1 million in sales this year, includes “digital marketing in a box” solutions that allow local businesses to simplify their online marketing and find easier, more cost effective, and more authentic ways to reach local customers.
By combining relevant local content and cutting-edge technology to connect residents, visitors, and businesses, MyArea Network is focused on building stronger, more influential and unique communities nationwide and also, guiding people to find the area’s best crab cake.

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