The conjuncture of healthcare and AI is an amazing place to be, and is what brought MUUTAA’s team together.

Our combined industry knowledge in clinical workflows, medical supplies and medication management, emerging technologies, traceability and logistics are applied to drive operational optimization through the application of artificial intelligence. We are well aware of the data richness that exists in healthcare supply chains across the care continuum. We have witnessed how highly educated, scare resources are often pushed to the brink to maintain care capacity. MUUTAA helps these professionals make informed decisions faster. MUUTAA’s cognitive assistants provide insights that lead to action.

Our Mission: Through the application of A.I., we transform data into actionable knowledge to improve operational efficiencies for our partners in the medication and medical supply delivery chain.

Our Vision: MUUTAA envisions a world where medication and medical supplies reach the consumer with speed, precision, and sustainable simplicity.

Our Technology: MUUTAA’s platform combines development and operational capabilities for data management, algorithm development and training and the ongoing exploitation of the technology, all in a secure cloud environment.
MUUTAA developed a unique process to manage data annotation complexities and brings a proprietary set of libraries and pretrained algorithms for medical supplies and medication to the market.

Headquartered in Québec City, MUUTAA is a pillar of AI in clinically integrated healthcare supply chains and benefits from close collaboration with world leading academic and research centers. Part of the rich AI eco-system in the province of Québec, MUUTAA thinks global, and invests local.


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