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At Muse®, we live at the heart of personal transformation through human-centered technology. We are a team of engineers, scientists, artists, marketers, and developers with a mission to help people live happier, healthier, and more connected lives through leading brainwave technologies and experiences. Muse has worked with top-tier goods, transportation, and tech companies to create brain-sensing customer programs and promotions.


Interaxon’s business is built on “Muse: the brain sensing headband”, a mobile EEG device and companion smartphone application that provides real-time feedback on brain activity during meditation and insightful tracking over time. The first Muse headband was launched in 2014 as a personal assistant to take the guesswork out of meditation. Interaxon now provides a robust suite of immersive biofeedback experiences that offer users a range of real-time audio biofeedback on their meditation practice, including body movement, heartbeat, breath, and brain activity. Finally, Muse® S was unveiled in 2020 with advanced sleep features including precise sleep stage tracking, sleep positioning insights, and a universal sleep score to help users improve their sleep efficiency and discover more restorative sleep.


How Does Muse® Work?
Muse® is an EEG device widely used by neuroscience researchers around the world. It uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity to help guide you through your meditation practice or to a better night’s rest.

At the core of Muse®, we believe that biofeedback is one of the best tools to help bring awareness to your body and can help teach you how to develop a meditation practice or help you find a better night’s rest. Biofeedback is a technique that helps you learn to notice and change how your mind, heart, body, or breath functions. During a session, you’ll receive information about your body in real-time with the guiding sounds of weather. When your mind is calm and settled, you’ll hear calm and
peaceful weather. When your mind is active, the weather will get louder.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, a consistent meditation practice can help improve overall well-being, mental performance, and your ability to manage stress. Muse® 2 is a personal meditation assistant that takes the guesswork out of meditation by giving you real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, body movement, and breathing during meditation. Through bio signal feedback, you can create a strong foundation to support your meditation practice, whether you’re a beginner or expert meditator.

Following the launch of the award-winning Muse® 2—comes Muse S. With a new flexible form factor that offers improved fit, signal quality, and double the battery life, the Muse® S allows you to seamlessly go from daytime focus to bedtime prep.

Our Sleep Journeys combine powerful neurofeedback with soothing voice guidance to give you a unique and immersive sleep experience. Guided by the calming voices of our world-renowned meditation teachers, relax into a soothing and responsive journey designed to move your wandering mind away from the busy thoughts that keep you awake and gently guide you toward a restful slumber.

Muse® 2 and Muse® S offer you a whole new way to cultivate calm. As you progress through your practice, you will have the ability to combine the different feedback centers for even more engaging sessions and deeper insights — your guide to inner harmony. After each daytime or nighttime session, you’ll see how you did through a series of graphs and charts in the Muse meditation app. Muse will show you how your brain, heart, breath, and body did from moment to moment through simple, easy-to-understand graphs and charts.


Backed By Real Science
Hundreds of third-party research papers have been published featuring Muse® as both a tool for meditation and as an accessible, low-cost brain research platform. Studies have demonstrated that participants who regularly use Muse® show improved mental performance, reduced stress, an increased state of mindfulness, and increased resilience compared to controls not using Muse®.


Safe, Trusted, Certified
Muse is a passive tool that gives you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain and body. EEG has been used in hospitals and research institutions for nearly a century to study the brain. Electroencephalography sensors — of which there are 5 in Muse® 2 and Muse® S — measure tiny fluctuations in voltage on the head (directly on the skin).

This can be filtered and analyzed to reflect changes in brain state, responses to stimuli, and neuroplastic changes in the brain. The same technology is extensively used in brain research. Other sensors in Muse®, including cardiac and movement sensors, monitor blood flow, breathing, and motion in the same way Fitbit and the Apple Watch do (PPG and MEMS). One important distinction is that there are advantages to measuring movement and aspects of cardiovascular physiology on the head because the head reflects aspects of behavior and physiology that the wrist does not.

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