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At Municípia, analysing the territory, identifying different and relevant information scales and making them understandable and accessible in the support of decision-making, represents more than just a mission; this provides the vision that guides our contribution to the future.

This vision has shaped the path of innovation taken by the company ever since its launch in 1999 in order to support municipalities seeking new approaches to interpret and manage their territory and its different land uses.

From day one, this vision has also ensured our maintenance of focus directly on the areas of interventions and thus achieving continuous investment in resources; both human and material, necessary to effectively respond to the greatest challenges that a territory faces.

With innovation in our DNA, we fully accept the obligation to add value to each and every location project, through our range of dedicated Geographic Information knowledge, and thereby contributing to generating new quality standards for territory-based information.

Municípia bases its core competences around four key pillars; being each an axis for the innovation that has proven the source of the multiple projects that have achieved an essential presence in our target markets through integrated approaches.

# Survey and inventory of geographic data for subsequent interpretation and processing, including aerial surveys, cartography production, infrastructures and network cadastres;

# GIS consultancy and training, focused on the design and implementation of Spatial Data Infrastructures;

# Application development of map-based solutions, including projects that are nowadays in the support of intelligent cities; improving the quality of access to information, city resilience and responsiveness and simplifying their share with citizens; and

# Plans and studies of different phenomena, including risk cartography and plans, land coverage scenarios, roof solar potentials or agriculture remote sensing techniques.

For us innovation is also pushing for the quality of our processes and teams. Certification is present at all phases and we are proud to be the only Portuguese company certified by the General Directorate of the Territory for every activity related to geographic information production and management, from Aerial Surveys to Cadastre.

Innovative initiatives like the drives our commitment to intelligent territory management. At this two-year project, we had the responsibility to develop open source based solutions with use cases like energy efficiency and underground intelligence and lead our vison for that location and be present in all management practices of a city, region or country.

In addition, innovative location platforms are in the core of our future. Today is all about user-experience and tomorrow will be all about internet of behaviours. That’s why we are transforming the map-based solutions by creating hubs where the fusion between location and UX is present and where 3D will have a real semantic place.

Over these last two decades, the shareholder structure with 50% belonging to the Portuguese municipalities, and clients like municipalities, regional directorates, secretaries and Portuguese ministries, and their peer entities in Cape Verde, Angola, Timor, Mozambique, Morocco and Spain, have grown alongside us and will share our future.

Internally, the strong trust placed in us only reflects the proof of our responsibility, which drives us to focus all of our commitment and GIS knowledge into solutions that contribute and support the best practices in land management and resources optimization. We encourage the emergence of a new relationship between municipalities and their various stakeholders characterised by the principles of efficiency and transparency driven by Municípia´s Geographic Information Technologies.

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