Movielight Was Born To Fill A Gap That Existed Then In The Market. To Bring All The Television Know-how To The Corporate Market. A Launching Pad That Served The Company To Assert Itself And Make A Difference To The Competition. Until Today.




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After 18 years, Movielight operates in the production and realization of content for companies, television, web and advertising, maintaining a close relationship with customers and main players in the media sector in Portugal.

Concerned about staying at the forefront of technology and setting trends, Movielight has always been ahead of its time. It was the first producer to invest in High Definition, while the other companies continued to invest in analogue systems, and was also one of the pioneers in the transition to 4K.
But not only. The focus on image quality has always been accompanied by the quality of services, combining experience with the training of Human Resources.

Pedro Falé, CEO

Giving new generations the opportunity to grow in a very competitive market, adapting to new languages, means and tools.

Movielight recently changed its facilities to, once again, adapt to the new times. It invested in a new studio, new equipment and new resources to be able to respond to the new demands of the market, now more focused on online and remote events, the result of the pandemic that overwhelmed the world.

Reinvented itself. It turned to new formats, new audiences, new forms of production, and always maintaining its essence. “Here, there is nothing impossible”.

It was with this maxim that after the dedication to the business market, the company turned to other market niches. At a time when televisions were all focusing towards football, Movielight invested in other sports. It started with motor sport, rugby, triathlon, sailing, rowing, among many others. It conquered new audiences. It opened the way to replicate on the web broadcasts of major events, until then done only on television.

For the future, the idea is to continue to grow. Keeping a focus on market niches, new technologies and new generations. Remaining prepared to be able to respond to all requests, maintaining the variety of offering and versatility that has always characterized the company. We move towards the future, as a window turned to the world, because the sky is the limit.

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