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Chose To Actively Participate In The Process Of Innovation By Implementing Technology

Move to Cure (°1987) Is a private rehabilitation center that specializes in musculoskeletal injuries. Founder Lieven Maesschalck explains. Nowadays we’re based in Antwerp, Edegem and Brussels. We heal patients hands-off in an active way, using the body to help patients restore function. We immediately focused on an active approach to stimulate and complete the healing process: move to cure.

We practice a liberal profession, which today means you run a business. You have to be willing and able to implement innovation in your business to become a center of expertise. Either you go along with it or you wait. We chose to actively participate in that process and to free up budget for it. We’re working together with various universities and startups, and are constantly scanning the market for innovations.

For Move to Cure, innovation largely revolves around the implementation of technology. We were among the first to make use of technological elements.

Move to Cure Application

3D analysis and brain training

We quickly decided to use cameras to film and analyze movements, and link them to pathologies. This allowed us to very quickly optimize the process and make the healing process more effective. This resulted in 3D analysis. Cameras can already detect joints and with the switch to 5G, we predict an even faster evolution. We can see an obvious decrease in the frequency of treatments and an increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

Call to Cure

At Move to Cure we also focus on the neurological aspect. We involve the operating system from within by neurocognitive training of the patient. It’s important to recognize the significance of the brain in rehabilitation in order to link this to optimizing the therapy. The brain is measured, mapped and integrated into the journey.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can also standardize everything. As a result, the quality in practices, not only in orthopedics, improves. This standardization is seen as an advantage. It’s more important than ever for a therapist or a doctor to be the added value to that technology. The innovation comes from the individual and as long as the therapist continues to evolve, which is an infinite process for us, he or she will continue to grow.

Digitizing training sessions our methodology is a long-term process, but it has gained momentum in the past year. The pandemic forced us to reinvent ourselves.


This soon resulted in our new concept, ‘Call to Cure’, an online coaching service where we can rehabilitate patients from all over the world online.

At Move to Cure we also work with an online application. We improve communication between therapist and patient and can ask the right questions before and after each session. This way the patient actually writes their own records. While the app already offers many benefits, this is just the beginning. We intend to evolve toward a total follow-up via the app. For example, patients will receive an automatic reminder for a checkup. That virtual coach is the future for us. We can already see the number of contact moments for patients decrease, while online coaching is increasing.

The future

The greatest danger of technology is that mankind will fall asleep: we shouldn’t think technology can or will replace people. We should improve our own abilities and optimize our insights with the help of technology. It’s going to make our lives easier, but it has to continue to challenge us. That’s the art. In success you have to question yourself. Where can we still improve? At Move to Cure we already have tremendous belief in the future and in the next generation. This is only the beginning…

Move to Cure (°1987)

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