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Headquartered in Downtown Clearwater, Motion State Media takes the term full service quite literally, taking any vision and bringing it to life through the pre-post production process.

Most importantly we created a new proven method to create truly effective video content in the commercial, advertising and branding market. For years all too often we’d witness brands, businesses and companies produce amazing-looking video content in terms of quality. The issue was these videos weren’t delivering an ROI, resonating with the viewer and fell short in terms of creating brand dominance. We asked what is the point of spending $10k,50k,100k,1 million dollars on an advertising campaign if your audience doesn’t even finish the video, forgets about it and doesn’t produce some kind of ROI?

Our solution was developing the Connect, Convert and Dominate method used when creating videos. Using the power of emotion-driven storytelling, market research and marketing psychology to deliver the three most important factors that determine a successful video: Audience connection, conversion into revenue and brand dominance.

We started out in 2015 as a small company with big dreams. Passionate and obsessed with our craft, striving to continuously grow. As our client base grew and the productions got bigger, we bore more responsibility and trust to deliver what our clients needed. When a client expects the best, providing the best production and quality visually is a given in our industry. That’s why we took the time to take it a step further and develop a way to truly bring the most value to our clients, preventing them from wasting time and money.

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was an unexpected year full of challenges for everyone. Many businesses including ours had to quickly adapt and find a way to thrive despite the global pandemic. Many businesses and companies quickly found themselves driving towards digital advertising and services more than ever, and fortunately so many trusted in us to help them grow and succeed during that time. In the end, we produced a total of 137 videos in 2020, our video ads alone generated over 10 million dollars in ROI for our clients and we challenged ourselves more than ever to grow and improve our craft. Moving forward I know that together, we are all capable of succeeding and reaching new heights despite whatever life throws at us.

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