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More Space for Light is a corporate Innovation and Strategy Consultancy. Their mission is to help organisations’ embed a culture of collaboration, innovation, and creative confidence. So their people are better equipped to tackle big problems. So they have the capability to create new solutions, and the confidence to put them in motion.

Dan Levy, is the company’s Principal and Lead. He is also an educator, global speaker, tech investor, and startup founder. He brings global, senior level experience in customer experience, strategy, and creative technology services. More Space is an embodiment of the work he does.

Dan Levy, Principal

Dan is an ex-pat. In 2003 while on a year’s sabbatical to travel the world he stopped in Sydney and knew straight away Australia would become his home. He cashed in his round-the-world ticket and abandoned (postponed) his plans of camper vans and beach shacks to focus on establishing himself in a new country. In 2011, after becoming a citizen he settled in Adelaide and never looked back.

The origin story of More Space For Light came from his eldest son, Max. One night during Max’s bedtime routine, Max shared that he “wanted more space for light.” This meant he wasn’t ready to close his eyes, he had more energy, he wanted more time to play, to explore, for adventure. In that instant Dan realised that he wanted that, too. It was his calling. The permission to play, dream and reimagine what’s possible. This became the spark that ignited More Space For Light. This vision remains unchanged. It’s the soul of More Space and their mantra.

This mantra is shared by their partners and the people they work with. As they continue to inspire, coach and facilitate new ways of working by creating the conditions for revolutionary thinking. So organisations can innovate faster and smarter to have the confidence to overcome the challenges of today, and identify the opportunities of tomorrow.

Their design-led approach has proven successful to many of the world’s leading organisations such as Apple, Google, MURAL, and TikTok.

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