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Digital Advertising Technology That Enables People To Pursue Their Passions

Monumetric was founded on the belief that information sharing between people is a fundamental human purpose. They build digital advertising technology that enables people to pursue their passions, profitably.

Located in Farmington, their company has grown from an idea into an INC 5000 fastest growing company in America. By enabling their 1,200+ website partners to create their content profitably, they serve over 2 Billion monthly ad impressions and have a team of 40 incredible people across three different offices.

When an ad displays on a website for a reader, the transaction encompasses up to 40 “middle-men” from the advertiser buying the ad until it reaches the reader on the website. This fragmented and technically difficult marketplace creates confusion among website business owners who are trying to monetize their web traffic.

Monumetric provides premium ad monetization products and services for content website owners. They disintermediate the layers of complexity between Reader and Advertiser by consolidating all transactions and tracking into one easy-to-understand dashboard and payments system. Some problems require they build new technology products which provide buyers and sellers the highest performance and earnings possible. By reducing confusion, difficulty, and distrust, Monumetric helps build a sustainable relationship between advertiser and website owner.

The company relies on their seven (7) pillars of company culture to guide their decision making.

  1. Purpose
  2. Safety
  3. Disruption
  4. Grit
  5. Happiness
  6. Growth
  7. Intention


Each pillar represents a key principle that enables Monumetric to become a world-class people-building organization. Additionally, each member of the team follows a personal “Pathway” made up of Deliverables and Education in order to reach their next level of advancement in the company. This instills a strong sense of growth potential and control into each team member’s personal improvement.

They’re also known for their open dynamic workspace which was remodeled from a warehouse to a Class A office space. Every desk is equipped with sit/stand legs, wheels, and a battery pack so that teammembers can work anywhere at anytime (the desks even fit in the elevator!). They enjoy playing cornhole, super smash brothers, putting, drone flying, spikeball, pool, and ping pong to keep every day interesting.

Monumetric is dedicated to improving the advertising ecosystem which empowers a free and open internet. They enable the content creators and distributors of digital information to profitably operate their website businesses. At the same time, they’ve built an environment which encourages people to “bring their nerd to work”, to have fun, and to become their very best.


+1 855-444-6668
42 650 W Suite B, Farmington,
UT 84025, United States

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