Greater Montréal has quickly become a key global artificial intelligence (AI) hub. Based on a comparative analysis by fDi Benchmark from the Financial Times (2020), Montréal ranks among the Top 3 locations for AI investment in North America. The region was able to develop leading-edge expertise, forged ahead by world-renowned researchers such as Yoshua Bengio, Joëlle Pineau, Hugo Larochelle and Irina Rish. The city has one of the world’s largest university communities dedicated to deep learning and global industry leaders, including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, have each successively set up research labs here.

In a mere three years, Montréal International has supported over 40 AI projects in the city, for investments totalling close to one billion dollars.

So many good reasons to invest in AI in Greater Montréal

• More than $2 billion in AI investments were announced since 2016

• Nearly 20,000 workers have AI skills • University capital of Canada (11 universities and 60 colleges) • More than 13,000 students enrolled in university programs specializing in AI and data processing

• More than 600 researchers and graduate students at Mila, the largest university research laboratory in the world for deep learning and reinforcement learning

• Headquarters for AI innovation supercluster in Canada and the International Centre of Expertise in Montréal for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (ICEMAI)

• The best AI incubators and accelerators in the world, to pave the way for the discoveries of tomorrow

Did you know that operating a company in Greater Montréal costs less than in any other major city in Canada and the U.S.?

Montréal International – Greater Montréal’s economic promotion agency
The agency supports investors, startups, international organizations as well as workers and students from all over the world with their Montréal-based projects.

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