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Monstercat is one of electronic music’s most influential innovators. By embracing modern platforms, social channels, and cutting-edge media, this Canadian company is known for reshaping the landscape of the music industry worldwide. While Monstercat’s operations have expanded to include successful apparel, event, and gaming departments, the core of their mission has remained the same since inception: to connect artists with fans in a way that nurtures the spirit of sharing and family. And along the way, this spirit has empowered Monstercat fans to become artists themselves in far-ranging fields including music, design, and the performing arts.

Back in 2011, Monstercat co-founders Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen knew they had something special on their hands. Armed with the music of a small roster of talented but yet-unknown artists, they bypassed traditional routes to get music to the masses by tapping into the power of the internet. The response was big enough that it convinced Mike and Ari to adapt established backgrounds in science and engineering respectively, to a thrilling new venture. With a small group of friends, they made the trek from Waterloo to Vancouver, putting it all on the line to establish Monstercat HQ. An industrious group of upstart pioneers has since grown into a company with over 50 employees and offices that span the globe.

Innovation is one of the pillars of Monstercat’s mission statement; the company was founded due to a need to be innovative in a highly competitive space. Once Mike and Ari made their presence felt through fresh and unconventional means, Monstercat would eventually find itself forcing change in an outdated system. From day one, Monstercat has made it a priority to pay artists fairly and frequently with 50/50 agreements managed by their own proprietary technology. Young talent that would have previously gone unrecognized or undervalued are now able to make a living from their music, earn revenue from apparel and events, and find appreciation from amazingly devoted fanbases.

As for new technology and channels for audiences to experience, Monstercat was an early adopter in many areas, if not an outright pioneer. A partnership with Minecraft gave life to one of the earliest virtual concerts in history, a format that has since exploded in popularity among a new generation. Taking the concept even further, Monstercat established a full-fledged 360 degree Virtual World with the help of cutting-edge experts, Sansar.

All the while, the Monstercat Radio Show “Call of the Wild” was one of the first all-music EDM programs to bring the podcast format to life, allowing fans to listen, stream, or watch on multiple platforms.

Calling Vancouver home has many advantages for Monstercat. Being close enough to major music industry hubs, but not entirely within them has helped Monstercat to find a unique position as a forward-thinking leader, while maintaining the rebellious “outsider”aura that has always fueled a passion for betterment and change.

Since 2017, the company has hosted its annual “Monstercat Compound”, a full-day, free event that has become a Vancouver favorite. Touted as a block party in their own backyard, fans enjoy food, games, shopping, and live performances on two stages. Making the event even more regionally distinct is a longstanding partnership with other businesses in the area to highlight the strength of community in a unique part of Vancouver.

Monstercat appreciates every accolade it has garnered over the years, emphasizing the drive and hard work from the entire team that goes into winning IDMA’s Record Label of the Year or The BC Export Award for Digital Media & Entertainment. Another notable achievement was receiving Multiplatinum single accreditation for their worldwide hit “Alone” with best-selling artist Marshmello. Early collaborations with blockbuster video games Rocket League and Beat Saber paved the way for recent partnerships with Roblox and Fortnite, each a monumental milestone connecting Monstercat to vast global player bases. It’s only natural that Monstercat finds itself expanding as a company, with new branches in the United States, Singapore, and more to come.


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