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Life-saving Skin Surveillance Technology

At MoleSafe we pride ourselves on being an innovative, caring company that makes life-saving skin surveillance technology available to anyone at risk of skin cancer. Our goal is to protect and improve their quality of life.

We are the leader in our field and take pride in building long lasting, ongoing relationships, and supporting medical professionals to provide the highest level of patient care.

We all enjoyed the sun growing up. Time at the beach, outdoor sports or just catching some rays in the backyard. And most of us didn’t use sunscreen and got sunburnt regularly.

That’s one of the primary reasons more than one in five of us will be diagnosed with skin cancer before we reach age 701.

You can’t undo the skin damage from 20, 30 or 40+ years ago. But you can make sure you catch developing skin cancer as early as possible.

MoleSafe is set to improve the way skin cancer is diagnosed. Did you know that there are more incidences of skin cancer every year than every other cancer combined2?

Developed over the past 20 years by a team of dermatologists, MoleSafe’s Skin Surveillance Program is a comprehensive skin documentation system designed to expose layers of skin lesions not typically viewed during a regular exam by a doctor or dermatologist.

The easiest way to identify skin cancer is to identify change.

A MoleSafe screening provides a complete mapping of the patient’s skin as well as detailed benchmark images.

Our Skin Surveillance Program produces high-resolution clinical and dermoscopic images of individual moles/lesions and creates a profile of your skin that is monitored, by your dermatologist and through future screenings, for any changes in your lesions over time.

After each screening all images are reviewed by a board-certified dermatologist who is also a pigmented lesion expert and the referring physician and patient each receive a comprehensive diagnostic report.

MoleSafe allows physicians to identify skin cancers earlier when survivability is highest, and treatment costs are lowest.

Serving New York and New Jersey for over 8 years, MoleSafe is now embarking on bringing its lifesaving technology and access to skin cancer experts to physicians and patients nationwide.

Recently opened Skin Surveillance Program centers in Orlando and Los Angeles are the beginning of a 60 market expansion over the next few years.

Continuing to Innovate

MoleSafe recently introduced the MyMoleSafe Provider Portal.

The Provider Portal, which MoleSafe provides for free to each referring physician, provides the physician with desktop/tablet access to all of his patients’ images, diagnostic reports and allows him to easily use the images to compare what he sees on the patient today to past images. Again, identifying change early.

MoleSafe is at the forefront of innovation in diagnosing skin cancer. We are continuing to examine exciting and new imaging technologies to enhance the efficiencies and quality of our program.

We are also developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance our program; focusing on training, identifying high-risk demographics, and supporting our pigment lesion experts in their diagnosing of patient images.


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