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Offers The Best Resources To Bring Home Upgrades To Life

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Modernize offers the best resources to bring home upgrades to life. We do this by connecting you with our network of industry-leading contractors to get projects done. For more than 14 years Modernize has been a flagship in the home improvement industry, connecting homeowners and contractors within energy-efficient trades such as solar, windows, HVAC, and roofing. Privately owned and profitable, Modernize leads the way in the market by facilitating more than 1.5 million home improvement projects every year and providing the necessary resources for homeowners looking to improve their properties.

CEO, Jason Polka, founded Modernize in 2005. Today he guides his company of 120+ passionate professionals with an always-learning, always growing mentality. Employees enjoy generous perks, like open approved PTO, a dog-friendly office, catered lunches, on-site happy hours, and team outings. Modernize’s talented Modsquad is also encouraged to flourish and grow through on-site learning, wellness initiatives, and career progression programs such as leadership training.

Modernize prioritizes giving back to the local Austin community by volunteering with the Salvation Army Angel Tree program which provides clothes and toys to the children of families in need. Modernize also supports the local home improvement space by partnering with nonprofits such as Hands-On Housing to repair the homes of senior citizens and disabled individuals who are living in deep poverty.

Every year Modernize takes place in the Austin Startup Games, an eclectic competition where team building meets charitable giving. Each organization plays for the charity of their choice, where each charity receives a grant commiserate in size to the final standing of their representative. For the second consecutive year, Modernize has taken First Place at this event and has had the honor of partnering with incredible organizations positively impacting the Austin community such as Girlstart and Community First! Villages.

Above all, Modernize thrives on a culture of transparency and candid feedback. Leadership impress upon their teams to love what they do by owning their ideas and caring deeply about the people they work with and the quality of service they provide.

The incredible accolades Modernize has received over the years include Austin Business Journal’s Best Places to Work; an achievement guided by a strong set of internal core values:

  • We are Innovative and Bold, Yet Humble
  • We Empower Constant Growth
  • We are Authentic, Fun, and a Little Weird
  • We Exude Positive, Motivating Energy
  • We are Objective, Collaborative, and Data-Driven

These company values ingrained in every Modernize employee exemplify a body of talent subscribed to personal and professional growth, intentional action, continuous learning, and a fun and inclusive work environment.
For Modernize, a strong 2018 means an even stronger 2019. Employees are passionate about creating new opportunities to positively enhance the experience partnered contractors and the homeowner community receive. By regularly offering new ways to approach home improvement Modernize strives to set higher marketplace standards and push the needle of innovation forward in their domain.

Modernize is dedicated to the mission of making the home improvement process simple and enjoyable. Transparent communication, process improvement, product refinement, and focused goal achievement are just a few of the areas the organization fixates its energy in order to provide the best possible experience for employees and business partners alike.


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