Mobi Loo is a company that provides professional and reliable services in mobile toilet hire. Its mission is to restore dignity back to the people by setting a foundation of quality and excellence which is the heart of the company. Since inception, its expectation has been to WOW! Its clients by providing them with services beyond their expectations through innovative and environmentally sustainable sanitary solutions. We achieve this by continually reinventing our products and ensuring that we achieve the best with the least damage to the environment.

2012 I graduated from the University of Botswana with BA Degree in Social Sciences, Double Major in Economics and Psychology. With the saturated job market in my country I chose to leave the hustle and bustle that came with the pressures of living in the capital city and moved back home to clear my head and start life afresh as an entrepreneur. Little did I know that the climb to success as a business owner was going to be a steep one. Seven years of trying different business ventures and failing… perseverance and faith became the catalyst to all my rewards – I had to dig deeper, otherwise I would become a failed entrepreneur. 2018 I had an “aha!” Moment… “Toilets”… this was perfect, the product is inelastic plus toilets and sanitary products are needed every day. 2019 Mobi Loo was born and my baby has been growing ever since.

Our product range is made up of Executive toilets, Portable toilets and Luxury toilets. Our Luxury toilets come with a full-time toilet attendant who maintains the cleanliness of the toilet and provides various consumables to the users such as hand lotion, sanitary pad and breath mints. All our toilets are fitted with advertising space both inside the units and outside. Mobi Loo’s toilets are used for weddings, funerals, corporate events, festivals and construction sites and other social gatherings. Our
units have exceptional operational time without the need for constant
servicing because of our drive for environmentally sustainable and innovative systems.

Each of our units houses a solar panel to take advantage of the Botswana sun. We use the solar energy to operate our pumping and lighting systems. Each of the units also use recyclable water as an effort to conserve water. The water used in the flushing system is treated with environmentally friendly chemicals such as biocides which inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria; and sink the solid waste to the bottom of the tank. The water is then continually reused in the flushing system. A separate freshwater tank is also fitted for the hand wash basin.

Future Prospects
As upstart innovators we aim at improving our products by being trendsetters. In the future, Mobi Loo intends to introduce digital mobile restrooms, mobile public restrooms as well as mobile toilets fitted with lifting hooks to cater for high-rise construction building sites. The journey has just begun and it is exciting.

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