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Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) is the information technology agency for Minnesota’s executive branch. Led by the state’s Chief Information Officer, MNIT sets IT strategy, direction, policies, and standards for enterprise IT leadership and planning. We build, maintain, and secure the state’s IT infrastructure, applications, projects, and services. Together, Minnesota IT Services and our government partners bring services to Minnesotans who live and work in our great state.

The mobile responsive website for MNsure, Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace.

Those Minnesotans are our friends and families, our neighbors, our colleagues and partners. They all benefit every day from the work we do to keep the business of government running.  MNIT employs more than 2,300 people across 90 physical locations.

• Our partnerships with more than 70 agencies, boards, councils and commissions help us meet their IT needs and strengthen the cybersecurity of the state every day.

• We serve Minnesotans in state, local, and tribal government, in education, and some nonprofit organizations.

• Through public-private partnerships, our team proactively protects the state’s information systems and the private data of 5.5 million Minnesotans.

Enterprise Service Desk support staff.

Technology plays a powerful role in the state’s ability to solve problems for the people we serve. Over 2,800 applications at the state capture transactions and fuel service delivery to support Minnesota’s government services.

The collective data and information from these applications connects people to jobs, health care, Minnesota’s great outdoors, environmental data, educational resources, and more.

At Minnesota IT Services, our work fosters a better government – one that allows individuals to sign up for health insurance seamlessly, helps researchers produce reports that keep Minnesotans safe, and provides veterans with better access to education benefits, among much more.

MNIT technician in the state of Minnesota’s enterprise data center.

Some applications like MNsure’s online health insurance marketplace help Minnesotans shop for affordable, quality health insurance. Others, like Workforce One, help job seekers, counselors, and employers network and explore current opportunities in one web tool.

MNIT partners with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to provide online tools and resources that help Minnesotans prevent pollution, build healthier communities, and live more sustainable lives. As change remains a constant force within the technology industry, MNIT works with its partners to research and implement emerging trends to deliver better results, data, and services for all Minnesotans.

Traffic control room at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Through our partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health, the agency completed a cloud migration project, moving over 90 percent of its applications into cloud-based servers.

Technology plays an important role in providing state-run services. MNIT provides support across the IT spectrum, and that support enables Minnesota’s state agency partners to engage with the Minnesotans they serve and carry out day-to-day business.

By keeping the people we serve at the center of our IT solutions, we make sure that the systems, networks, and hardware that we develop connect Minnesotans to a better government.

Minnesota IT Services

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