Misstudy-Offers Overseas Students The Best Education Opportunities In The World





Yasiara came from Colombia and studied at Columbia U, but she’s an exception. According to the BBC, today 9 Million Latin American students want to study their degree overseas, but only 1% actually do so. Why? Because they don’t know what options are available to them and if their families could even afford them.


Misstudy was born to offer overseas students the best education opportunities in the world. In one-stop, they are able to choose from our global database of universities, the university that fits the best with their needs and budget and prepare for the application process which multiplies their chances of acceptance.

Our solution works for everyone, but we focus principally on students trying to study their undergrad or grad degree overseas. We are focused on the Latin American market right now given my expertise, and next plan to expand to Asia and the Middle East.

In certain countries where the company is present, Misstudy looks for key strategic partners. For example, in Ecuador, the company has partnered with 2 entities. One has access to a database of thousands of high school students and parents and creates tailored events for Misstudy to attend. The other is a 10 year expert in selling online education in Latin America and provides marketing and sales strategies and a local sales force.

Misstudy provides a unique and patented insight into elite university admissions. Getting into a top school is a daunting process. We unlock educational possibilities by creating strategic plans with future undergraduate and graduate students. Our programs are at the crossroads of one of the most important decisions in life and they differentiate candidates and maximize their overall lifetime value. It’s about making a choice between two different futures.

Our innovative platform has been adopted by a global network of influential scholars and fortunate graduates. We unlock educational possibilities by creating strategic plans with future undergraduate and graduate students. But at Misstudy our impact goes beyond academia and we measure success by the influence our alumni have on business and society. Having lived in ten countries and fluently speaking four languages has allowed Misstudy to compete on a global level and adapt the platform to local idiosyncrasies.

We’re an online company and we have helped more than 700 students reach their goals to study anywhere. We support the student’s from Miami who have gotten scholarships and are studying in amazing places like NYC, Boston, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and more!

Besides our core admission business, we have partnered with service providers for foreign students, to generate further sources of revenue. Examples of services provided are:

  • Financial services
  • Housing
  • Insurance.
  • Travel agencies.
  • Test preparation centers.
  • Visa application services.
  • Headhunting.
  • SubAgent contracts.
  • Webinars to promote specific university programs.

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