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Mission 50 Workspaces evolved from an emerging office trend- the need to supply remote workers and startups with more efficient office space. Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a “business engine” or a remote corporate executive seeking community, Mission 50 Workspaces is the smart office space solution. Our ample resources and nurturing atmosphere make it easier to achieve business success.

Recently, coworking has seen a need for new vision. In the past, emerging brands competed with bigger and bigger amenities- until sustainability became questionable.

With this, purpose has been lost and the business consumer confused. Responsible growth is necessary for success of tenants, and this is what Mission 50 Workspaces exercises as the strong arm for that growth. The latter is flexed mainly by one simple pillar “just be curious”. What do the consumers need? We listened to our consumer, and instead of creating chaos with over-amenitized spaces, we found the long-term answer in small spaces and big ideas.

The most valuable commodity is bringing people together with events to share ideas, not just amenities.
A fifty-thousand square foot lobby is stunning, but it overstimulates the senses instead of the business plan.

Large spaces geographically invite people to spread out and don’t necessarily contribute to the tenant’s bottom line. Intimate smaller spaces invite people to engage, that enables connectivity beyond the modem and over-sprawled amenities. Floorplans for over-zealous amenities shouldn’t trump the business plan of consumers. We’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs develop strong relationships to be successful.


Mission 50 Workspaces takes great pride in the success of companies that call us home. And we look forward to providing even better services to our business community. In the second quarter of 2020, Mission 50 is set to expand its footprint within Hoboken. Greg Dell’Aquila’s first step, is now one strong leap for entrepreneurship within the Garden State. The “just be curious” motto, has created a precision aim for more of what works for the community.

Let the colonization begin, and let’s share more than office space, lets share your business with the world! Contact our team to complete your mission.

Greg Dell’Aquila
Managing Member

Hudson County Chamber of Commerce Legend Award Hoboken Chamber Icon Award
Hoboken Rotary Club President
Hoboken Chamber President
Top Young Developer of New Jersey


Greg Dell’Aquila, a second-generation leader and innovator within commercial office space, is the Neil Armstrong of coworking in New Jersey.First to launch, Dell’Aquila initiated the coworking boom in Hudson County- that spawned a colony of competitive co-work brands dispersed throughout the Garden State. More importantly, he has created an environment for all sized businesses to flourish and break ground.

The latter is feasible due to the elements of well-designed offices, that lead with small spaces and big ideas. Business colonies can activate and flourish due to efficient design, cost structure and community of networks.

Phone Booth
Cold calls without interruption
Ideas on Tap
Cold brew on tap to stimulate ideas
Open Shared Space
Get work done and rev up a new project

Conference Rooms
A meeting showroom for your new business plan or big idea
You’ve Got Mail
Virtual mailboxes for real businesses

Mission 50 Workspaces

50 Harrison Street Suite
PH 401 Hoboken, NJ 07030

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