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MindBridge has spent the last four years delivering products to identify, track, and predict where these losses occur, whether it’s in general ledger data or nation-wide payment systems.

By helping auditors, CFOs, and other financial management professionals find risk within their data, MindBridge enables firms of any size to act sooner to minimize losses and accelerate their shift towards new datadriven services.

Powered by an ensemble of AI, machine learning, statistical methods, and business rules, the MindBridge platform is purpose built for people to identify risk without the traditional need for specialized programming and data science skills.

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Solon Angel, MindBridge took a unique approach to AI solution delivery that identified the market opportunities, assembled a qualified leadership team, and built the democratization of AI directly into product releases. Starting with an extensive validation period of meeting with potential clients, users, and industry experts in the audit and assurance profession, the first MindBridge product was released in 2017. Led by CEO Eli Fathi, MindBridge continues to develop and deliver financial risk assessment solutions, growing to over 130 people worldwide and supporting over 330 clients in 13 countries.

The MindBridge AI platform was officially announced in 2019, kicked off with significant public-private funding that included Series B round financing and investment through the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund. The leadership team has grown to include Robin Grosset, former Chief Architect for IBM Watson Analytics, Miyo Yamashita, former Managing Partner & member of the Global Board of Directors at Deloitte, and Greg Adams, IBM Distinguished Engineer and former VP for IBM Business Analytics.

MindBridge practices business with a heart through a cross-demographic strategy to promote education, mentorship, opportunities, and social responsibility for the advancement of all individuals. This strategy is committed to providing AI thought leadership and education through the MindBridge University Alliance Program, with over 100 participating academic institutions worldwide, and by advising organizations such as the Vector Institute for AI, MILA, the Carleton University Institute of Data Science, and the NRC Digital Technologies Research Centre.

In 2018, MindBridge launched the IMPACT AI conference with the goal of raising awareness of the ethical, moral, and social implications of AI on society. The annual conference has attracted over 1300 attendees and participation from industry leaders that include IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, General Motors, Global Affairs Canada, and Payments Canada. At the 2019 conference, three awards were established to recognize the efforts of those advancing STEM in Canada in an inclusive and diverse manner, including young and immigrant women in technology.

MindBridge is committed to the advancement of girls and women in STEM, through an employee base that is inclusive of gender, diversity, and indigenous representation and community programs that are designed to effect positive change. In partnership with the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, Carleton University, and Willis College, MindBridge launched the HERoes initiative to change the future of the industry by connecting women students with academic and business mentors for annual workshops and training to produce more diverse leaders in technology.

Guided by the principle of delivering AI solutions and community initiatives that provide real value for people, MindBridge continues to lead the creation and education of practical, accessible AI for all.

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