Developed in 2017, Mind in a Box™ is a unique product that is dedicated to advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Mind in a Box™ is an integrated solution that accelerates the adoption of software and artificial intelligence solutions to enable companies to incorporate, with great flexibility and at an affordable cost, the best of advanced analytics and AI into their business strategy.

Completely preconfigured and delivered as a turnkey system, Mind in a Box™ can be deployed quickly and easily at the customers site, as closely as possible to their operations. As Fog Computing capabilities and IoT and Edge AI ecosystems also enable high-speed ingestion and real-time data processing, managers and system administrators gain full control of their operations with a 360-degree view of their activities, including those in the Cloud.

Armed with powerful dashboards, reports, as well as notification and alert systems, companies can harness the value of their most critical operational data, and thus act with full knowledge.

The use cases are varied and have already been applied across multiple industries. Mind in a Box™ is notably being used by Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) to optimize the deployment and training of over 30,000 technicians, by an environmental leader to ensure more effective management and treatment of Quebec contaminated soils or even by a manufacturing plant in Sherbrooke to increase its operational efficiency.

The Mind in a Box™ team is extremely proud to have designed, developed and assembled its innovative solution in Montreal.

From the very beginning, the company was able to gather support from leading Quebec innovation actors including the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, CEIM and BCF Imagine, as well as from the global giant NVIDIA and its Inception program which supports innovative AI startups. Today, Mind in a Box™ is enjoying strong international growth and its field operations management solution, Mind in a Box FieldOps, has attracted a lot of interest from several key technology players

“Thanks to the migration of its monitoring system from a virtual machine environment to Mind in a Box™ technology, BTS has been able to accelerate its client response time which is now 20 times faster. Initially intended for 700 employees, the integration will now concern over 7,000 employees, and the company plans on extending it to over 30,000 employees this year.”

- Gabriel Di Lullo, Senior Manager, Information Technologies, Bell Technical Solutions 2020


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