Mike Johnston is a street art evangelist (TRUTH) bringing the message of joy to the masses. His major influences have been travel, comic books, Jesus Cristo, and street art. He has globetrotted between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East before making Austin his home base. Quickly thereafter, he became known for the portraits of pop culture icons he painted throughout the city. His bright, graphic and illustrative style catches people’s attention.

After 12 years of teaching art, Mike took the leap of faith to be a full-time artist in 2014. He loves to paint on found objects and on giant concrete walls. His range of work varies from commissioned murals in residences and businesses to free-spirited art installations in public spaces. He has produced work for Google, Nike, Adidas, Uber, the NFL, Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, and Toyota, among others. He enjoys working with and collaborating with his wife Erin.

One thing he hopes to be true about his art is that it brings a smile. “Art has always been my passion. Now that it’s my livelihood, I still have the drive to create in my free time after the deadlines have been met. There has always be an itching to create. I was born to paint!”

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