Fostering a Culture of Innovation at Routeique™
The core of our approach to innovation at Routeique™ is that we see ourselves as problem-solvers rather than service or technology providers. Whether it’s warehouse layouts or inefficiencies in last-mile delivery, our philosophy is that it’s essential to look at issues from new perspectives, listen to different voices, and be willing to fail forward.

We’ve brought together a team with a wide range of skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. As a result, we take an open-minded approach to solving challenges and provide our team members with the freedom to approach them in various ways. In other words, while the company has an end destination in mind, team members can use their expertise to determine the best way to get there.

While Routeique™ focuses on solving problems in the supply chain space, we think that this approach could benefit any organization that is looking to stay competitive and develop novel solutions.

Innovation in the Supply Chain Space
The COVID-19 pandemic brought the importance of the supply chain to the forefront. Disruptions in manufacturing, pivots to home delivery, and distribution of essential products like vaccines became widely-discussed topics of interest.

Now, the public and industry players alike are asking: what’s the best way to create resilient, transparent, connected supply chains? I predict that we’ll see the best results from creating systems that combine people, processes, and machines or automation. Using AI, ML, robotics, and drones to enhance work frees up more time for people to do the high-value and skilled tasks that they do best.

This combined approach benefits both workers and end users. Keeping the goal of innovation tied to creating effective, positive results helps bring all stakeholders on board, whether they are early adopters or more hesitant. It ensures visionaries pushing for new solutions have a “north star” and aim for more than just change for change’s sake. At the same time, it helps change resistant individuals become confident in the technology.

Innovation in Calgary
Calgary is the perfect balance of a tight-knit, small community and a larger, more international city. It’s easy to find like-minded people and connect to work towards new solutions. At the same time, it’s large enough that there’s the critical mass for the community to do big things and has the amenities to attract new talent.

Routeique™ has benefited from the fact that Calgary and Canada are both incredibly supportive of businesses and innovative startup tech. There are many private and public sector programmes to enable tech companies to flourish and become even more interconnected than before. There has been a massive push for superclusters of innovators and groups coming together to solve problems.

For many years, the city was pigeonholed as only energy-focused. Recently, the transferability of our skills and entrepreneurial spirit has become more recognized. Calgarians have applied their expertise in business, science, engineering, and technology in many contexts. Leading companies have proved that Calgary-based tech companies can compete on the international stage. Some have even succeeded as unicorns, which is incredibly inspiring to the rest of us in the tech community. At the same time, we’ve had newer companies starting up in the space tell us that Routeique™ helped show them the path to success as a company in Calgary.

We’re proud to be part of Calgary’s innovative entrepreneurial community and excited to see the tech sector in Calgary continue to grow.

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