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Mighty Kingdom puts its heart into every game it creates.

As one of the largest Australian-based independent game developers, Mighty Kingdom aims to delight players of all ages with fun and exciting experiences.

Founded in Adelaide, in 2011, by a small team of passionate dreamers who love playing and making games, the company set out to make its mark in the industry not only with the technology and quality of games it created but the way its games are made – by prioritising culture and the people who create the games that players love.

Its talented team from diverse backgrounds includes creatives working from across Australia, who collaborate with global industry leaders to create games that appeal to audiences worldwide. In just over a decade, it released more than 50 games played by more than 50 million players worldwide.

Mighty Kingdom has ambitious goals and a strong sense of confidence in its abilities within the global games market. The company is not afraid to dream big and aim high.

As one of only three ASX-listed gaming companies in Australia, the company has experienced significant growth over the past five years, expanding from 35 to more than 100 team members.

“We’ve grown significantly over a short period of time while maintaining our stance and our reputation for delivering quality games in the global industry,” Mighty Kingdom’s Chief Revenue Officer Tony Lawrence said.

Driven by its desire to create exceptional digital experiences that engage and delight players globally, the company has partnered with leading entertainment brands including LEGO, Disney, Mattel, Sony, Funcom, Moose Toys, Spin Master and more, while also developing its own original games.

“Mighty Kingdom is a key driver for growth in the Australian gaming industry and loves the disruptive and wonderful ways that the global industry is constantly innovating and changing,” Mr Lawrence said.

“Games have always been at the forefront of developing use cases for technology,” he said.

“Whether it is developing VR and AR, games utilising Ai and ML, games are the best example of what the metaverse could look like, or the frontier of blockchain technology for player ownership of digital assets, it is clear that games are a driver of innovative uses for technology and art.”

In the past five years alone, the gaming industry has seen bold trends and dramatic changes including the introduction of subscription models and alterations to Apple privacy impacting the way the industry targets audiences.

“This has meant that we have had to learn how to best navigate a different landscape when it comes to locating our players,” Mr Lawrence said.

“We partner with some of the world’s best companies to leverage their expertise, as well as work with them to capitalise on the brand recognition to bring new players to our games.”

Mighty Kingdom is constantly modifying its game technology and developing bespoke and high-quality digital software solutions for its games and clients. Among its innovations include game designs that assist in the storytelling process and bringing characters to life. It sees engaging storytelling as key to creating worlds that draw people in—narratives that invite audience participation and create passionate followers that help build a brand over time.

The company also takes an analytical approach to developing ideas: using data to interrogate the idea, the audience and the mechanics. To help guide the process, Mighty Kingdom has an internal division that keeps an eye on what’s trending and what it should be looking at. Mr Lawrence said: “Welcoming everyone in their own individuality ensures our team creates stories that appeal to a wider audience, so their games are a trusted destination that’s enjoyed by all players.”

From the start, Mighty Kingdom has adopted a progressive approach to its recruitment and retention practices. It has impressive gender ratios across the company and is known in the industry for its inclusion, diversity and team support, nurturing a caring workplace environment that encourages a healthy work-life balance. Its standard working conditions include four-day work weeks, generous leave, education and leadership opportunities, hybrid working and graduate programs for talent entry-level opportunities.

“Mighty Kingdom is always wanting new ideas, fresh points of view, and different perspectives to create games by a diverse team for a diverse audience,” – Mr Lawrence said.

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