Michael Tremblay

President and CEO - Invest Ottawa And Bayview Yards

In addition to being at the center of politics, Ottawa has always been the most technology-intensive city in the nation, built from generations of government research labs (now tallying sixty-five) steadily creating and attracting world-beating companies.

Ottawa is a growing, thriving cosmopolitan city of one million residents, with vast commercial development capacity right across the region, including the downtown core. It’s recognized as Canada’s most livable city – an incredible place to work, learn and play.

To support the highest concentration of tech jobs in Canada, Ottawa has developed an impressive post-secondary system, one of Canada’s largest producers of STEM talent. Our competitive institutions attract domestic and international students and leading academics.

Our more mature sectors include Software, Communications Technology, Defence & Aerospace, Life Sciences, Cleantech and Digital Media. The region is buzzing with a range of emerging technologies, including Autonomous Vehicles, AI/ML, Cybersecurity, IoT, Data Analytics, Precision Agriculture and Next Generation Networks.

nvest Ottawa works to catalyze economic development in the region for data/digital-centric businesses with a mandate that includes both domestic entrepreneurship development and foreign direct investment and trade. We make our home at Bayview Yards – Ottawa’s One Stop Business Acceleration Shop at the heart of Ottawa’s new light rail system.


Canada’s Capital Has A Special Place In The World – A City That Celebrates The Very Best Of Canadian Culture And Values In One Historic Region.

- Michael Tremblay, Invest Ottawa And Bayview Yards

As an organization, our vision is to enable Canada’s Capital to achieve its full potential as a globally recognized, innovative and future-ready region. Our long-range strategic markets include – clean, connected communities, innovative healthcare and gov-tech – where our region has tremendous capability to stand out and compete in world markets.

Ottawa has substantial, generational capability and momentum to compete. Our city is set to successfully navigate the fourth industrial revolution while helping to solve the world’s big problems.

Invest Ottawa

+1 (613) 828-6274
7 Bayview Station Road
Ottawa, ON Canada K1Y 2C5

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