Metamaze is an Antwerp-based SaaS company that puts the amazing brain power of Artificial Intelligence in the hands of business users, without the need for writing code. In so doing Metamaze supplies innovative enterprises with the ultimate tool to automate the menial parts of their document processing work, and thus provide a solid foundation for digitalization. Making it easy yet powerful was the goal from the start for this Antwerp-based software company.

Metamaze is a spin-off that was incubated by Belgian’s leading A.I. & M.L. powerhouse to solve a specific use case for a prestigious client in the Belgian financial sector. The goal was to make the smartest possible Intelligent Document Processor in existence, yet, make it easy for the end-user to implement. Eventually Metamaze managed to automatically process over 20 document types for this client alone, currently resulting in 400k documents processed each week. Naturally, all this knowledge further fuels Metamaze’s deep learning algorithms to become even smarter and faster for our other clients as it grows bigger. Currently, Metamaze manages to automate over 40 document types and there is no telling where this might end as the list of clients continues to grow.

What sets Metamaze apart from other competitors is a proven track record of working with enterprise clients that require security, reliability, scalability and in short: maturity.
As it stands, Metamaze’s A.I. is way ahead of big-name international companies in their combination of both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into one end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform.

“Information and documents change all the time, so your intelligent document processing (IDP) software must learn and adapt with it.“– Niels Van Weereld, CCO Metamaze

Where Metamaze makes the biggest difference is in their A.I. expertise. Users only need half the time and effort to reach the same automation results as competitors in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market that lack the “brains in the background” to achieve the same results. As it stands, competitors fall short in the most important aspect: how to build custom machine learning models improved by the data of the clients. In this regard, Metamaze software is distinguished by their proprietary deep learning algorithm that requires only a few exceptional documents to be annotated to gain the most learnings as possible. In essence, one only needs 50% of the documents to reach the same accuracy in Straight Trough Processing (STP) as other IDP platforms. As a result, AI will free up office workers to do more value adding activities across all departments.

Certain tasks that require social skills or creative problem-solving will never be replaced by artificial intelligence. This means that those tasks that càn be replaced by robots should.

As of 2021 it is no longer acceptable that the true potential of human capital is squandered away by performing mind-numbing repetitive data entry work. The engineers at Metamaze therefore believe that A.I (Artificial Intelligence) can and will significantly improve employee satisfaction and operational efficiency in the future. Metamaze prides itself in being one of the most mature innovators in this market thanks to their track record of applied artificial intelligence expertise. This maturity has already been recognized by Orgalim, Europe’s leading innovation authority, who awarded Metamaze’s co-founder Joeri Van Steen the “European CTO of the year” award in 2019 for his methods of applying A.I. in business cases that generate tangible value.

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