Mesa Arizona Chamber of Commerce

"The World Belongs to Those Who Show Up!"




Mesa is the 35th largest city in the country. Within Mesa’s 140 square miles lies approximately 17,000 businesses. The business spectrum is comprised of small to large businesses with a heavy focus on aerospace, manufacturing, and technology.


The Mesa Chamber of Commerce, founded in the late 1890s, exists to improve, promote, and advocate for businesses in Mesa.

With innovative programs such as the Mesa Industry and Defense Council, Mesa Morning Live, Green Flag Mesa, Mesa Veterans Program, and many others, the Chamber works to improve both the business climate and the health of the business community.

As a unique program in the country, the Mesa Industry and Defense Council brings together a diverse set of aerospace, defense, and manufacturing businesses to collaborate with each other and others in the state. With one voice, Arizona is able to represent its business and military interests at state, regional, and national levels.


Why Phoenix?

With a strong transportation system coupled with both a fantastic history and wise investment in infrastructure by the city government, Mesa is uniquely positioned as the centerpiece of 21st-century business.

The Future of Innovation

The future has a diverse mix of high-wage employers contributing to an educated community that creates an enhanced quality of life for those living in Mesa.

Advice & Best Practices

Identify and build relationships with individuals and businesses that emulate the practices and behaviors that you feel are important.

Take the time to research and fully understand the community, your competition, and the regulations in your industry before getting started.

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