As of 2021, people spend 109 minutes per day watching videos on their devices. For teams building daring and disruptive visions, this is an incredible opportunity.




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To drive growth.

To build brands.

To deliver incredible experiences.

But building a great video strategy that captures viewing time from the right people goes far beyond paid video ads. To get real results, brands must create libraries full of videos that people want to watch, not skip. These video ecosystems are comprised of three Content Verticals:

Sales and Marketing content that attracts ideal customers and accelerates sales through targeted, compelling, and shareable videos on their website, social channels, and paid media channels.

Original Films like series, mini-docs, and short films that share their unique insight and perspective, bringing to life untold stories that build their brand and give them an authoritative voice in their space.

Customer Experience content like welcome videos and tutorials that gives your customers a better experience through thoughtful and meaningful content.


Don’t let video take off without you. The race for who will own the best video content in their space is on, and the brands that do will enjoy a great advantage in the market. If you are confident in your team’s vision, then don’t hold back—seize the opportunity to tell stories that captivate, spark wonder, and challenge the world to





Meridian is a video content agency helping disruptive brands create video content ecosystems that drive growth, build brand leadership, and deliver a better customer experience.




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