> Mercury Cash-A Licensed Live Hosted-Wallet Solution That Allows Real-Time Liquidation And Transfer

What is it?

A licensed live hosted-wallet solution that allows real-time liquidation and transfer between cryptocurrency and fiat assets in a seamless and intuitive way. The Mercury Cash Wallet is available for iOS and Android devices.

Mercury cash will pioneer global standards in digital value transmission for the new generations with high-focus in LATAM.

What does it do?

We offer hosted-wallet for individuals and for businesses, once they have it, they can send, receive, buy or sell cryptocurrencies against USD.

Market Size

Global Payments Processing

  • $30 Trillion are processed annually in payments with an estimated of $870 Billions on fees. 2.9% average cost.
  • $8.9 Trillion are processed in United States
  • Excluded CHINA market since it is a closed market
  • Distributed between: merchants, issuers, acquirers, networks, consumers.

Money Transmission – Remittances

  • $615 Billion are sent annually with a worldwide sending cost average of 7.9%
  • $81.5 Billion are sent to LATAM with a sending cost 5.8%

Growth expected in both markets: 3-5% annually

Our New Products

Agents of mercury Cash – for money transmission

Gain new consumers by offering bitcoin, ethereum and dash purchases, Get access to Mercury Cash technology and KYC procedures. Offer crypto processing for web portals.

Mercury Cash/Gate Payment Gateway for Crypto processing

Credit cards take up to 3% in processing fees on every transaction world wide. Accept Bitcoin, Euthereum or Dash for 1% and get instant access to your money.

Non-Deposit Trust Company

A corporation, which is engaged as a trustee, fiduciary, or agent for individuals or businesses in the administration of trust funds, estates, custodial arrangements, stock transfer and registration, and other related services.



Mercury Cash


106 E. Dakin Ave.,
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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