Life-Changing Software For Assisted Living Facilities

ALIS is the primary offering of Medtelligent, a health-tech company serving the senior housing industry. Built from the ground up to match the needs of assisted living operators and providers, ALIS is the preferred software choice for fast-growing portfolios in the sector.

Medtelligent was founded in 2005 with an original focus on developing billing software for nephrology clinics. Since then, Medtelligent shifted its focus to assisted living realizing the tremendous opportunity available in the industry. Medtelligent’s flagship product ALIS (pronounced “Alice”) was launched in 2009 and is now one of the most cutting-edge assisted-living software products on the market.

The product differentiates itself from others in the industry through its ease of use. Direct care staff can be trained in minutes. KPI reports can be generated straight “out of the box” or easily customized with no need for technical support. Perhaps, best of all, ALIS supports more effective collaboration between stakeholders with diverse needs.

Sara Childs, corporate solutions specialist at Traditions Management describes her experience transitioning from a manual billing process to using ALIS’ integrated billing features: “There’s less human error, recurring charges are easier to handle, and we can spend time getting the monthly changes right (instead of generating bills manually for every resident each month).”

Childs says the biggest benefit, though, has been better team communication. “Using ALIS for billing has saved us time in our monthly processes, but the other thing I’d say it’s done is given our business office managers a better handle on cash flow, and more ownership over the process. We don’t have to keep an eye on it or remind them, they can see a report at any time. The gap between the home office and the field has been bridged. I’d say that’s the biggest benefit we’ve seen.

Alvaro Mengual, financial controller at AmeriCare Health & Retirement, describes a similar “democratization of the process.” Their teams have better teamwork, he says, “in part because the system requires it. Everyone is more conscious of how what they do affects others. And they pay more attention as a result.”

“Our communication has changed, too,” Mengual says. “Now our business office managers and the team at corporate can call each other and review the same information and it allows them to cooperate and get on the same page more quickly.


We’re Not Stuck in the Past
“Our CEO John Shafaee likes to say, ‘we pay our technical debt as we go’,” says William Metcalf, senior software engineer. “[This means] as developers we always have the opportunity to try out the latest technologies, instead of being forced to support old legacy code.”

CTO Huzaifa Tapal explains that it’s a relentless focus on the users and user experience that drives this philosophy. “We are not the type of company that sticks with a technology or a way of doing something just because it’s there or what we’re “used to”. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience and if that means changing to a new technology, we do it. And we don’t just apply that approach to new problems, we take the time to improve our existing features, too.”

We’re Encouraged to Grow
Many of our engineering team members have “grown up” here, and developed their skills through mentoring and on-the-job training, says Tapal. Grant Overby, backend developer, says “As a junior dev coming into Medtelligent, this place is a gold mine. They really believe in putting the time and effort to grow a developer’s skills. You read about other places that just throw you at a workstation and you work on the same task over and over again with little proctoring from your senior devs, but here it couldn’t be more opposite.”

We Solve Problems As Equals
“While we have separate teams for different areas of the product, and each person has a defined role, we solve problems together,” says Tapal. “We don’t have these senior engineer / junior engineer dynamics. We brainstorm together as equals; we want everyone to have a contribution and be a part of the solution.”

We Have Autonomy…AND Support
It turns out that when you hire for potential, train for skills, and engage everyone as equals you end up with an exceptionally close-knit team. Metcalf says the people on the team are the number one thing that makes working at Medtelligent different. “We have a team where everyone supports each other and cares greatly about their work. While we have the autonomy to solve problems on our own, we have the support of an extremely tight-knit group, too. We really collaborate well together.”


+1-888-404-ALIS (2547)
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