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MedPro Wellness, a pioneer in the population health management space, provides a unique blend of healthcare services and technology to drive medically relevant outcomes for patients, employees, and consumers of health products.

Deploying an innovative “Patient-Engagement-as-a-Service” model, MedPro Wellness works with health systems and corporate partners to not only improves lives, but also help lower long-term costs by driving better compliance with evidence-based protocols.

Launched in 2013, MedPro Wellness’ founders realized that while tech-based innovations were widely available in the healthcare industry, they did not reflect the unique needs of participants. The one-size-fits-all model and lack of a “personal touch” often resulted in fatigue, frustration, and failure. Recognizing that no single technology or process can supplant the human touch, they knew there had to be a better way to deliver personalized care at scale.

Understanding that the most critical component to better health is changed behavior, MedPro Wellness sought to do things differently. By meeting individuals where they were, with customized programs, they were able to effectively drive engagement – and results. Three distinct pillars: engaging at the right time, with the right means of communication, and the right solution are at the forefront of the company’s success today.

Developed as a complement to traditional physician-based health care, MedPro Wellness aims to provide meaningful support in treating the whole person. Taking into account each participant’s unique personality traits, motivations, and social determinants of health, MedPro Wellness creates truly ‘bespoke’ wellness experiences.

Individuals are empowered to manage their own health and wellness journeys through plans customized to reflect their specific goals.

With a focus on small, incremental steps, MedPro Wellness offers manageable solutions to various health issues including sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, weight management, smoking cessation and chronic condition management. Psychology, technology, coaching and physician oversight keep individuals engaged and accountable in achieving measurable, long-term health outcomes.

MedPro Wellness’ virtual care team includes a wide range of health and medical professionals who are further trained and certified in other disciplines. The additional credentials, and training in the latest behavior change techniques, allow for a more positive and engaging experience for participants. A flexible, mobile-powered approach allows support to be deployed when needed, via text messaging, email, phone calls and wellness challenges, making patient commitment and results much more probable.

MedPro Wellness’ innovative back-end system, the Coach+ Platform, is built to super-charge care teams with tools and workflows designed to give one health specialist the reach of 10, increasing efficiency and lowering overall costs without reducing efficacy.

From their beginnings as a physician-based wellness program, to the integration of best-in-class technology solutions, MedPro Wellness has stayed true to its core beliefs that small, gradual steps ultimately lead to life-changing results.

The company’s shared philosophy that better health and wellness is an attainable goal for every single person is what motivates their team each day.

MedPro Wellness Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Clark Lagemann and Tim Aumueller

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