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Hundreds of hospital marketers use our condition-specific health risk assessments (HRAs) to engage millions of patients. Our SaaS HRAs  effectively convert web visits to office visits through personalized, evidence-based feedback. The Management Portal provides a wealth of mar-com automation tools and integrations.


Our new clinical SaaS platform integrates with EHRs to mine the medical record for actionable data. We want to tackle the thorniest of patient and provider issues. The first module, Rx Savings Assistant, takes on medication adherence by connecting patients with Rx discounts at the point of care

Founded in 2000 as a custom development shop, we initially built big-budget disease-awareness applications for a Who’s Who of influential health organizations. This included many pharmaceutical companies and national medical associations.

Over time, our little think tank developed 300+ wide-ranging projects in-house. Soon, health systems took notice of our high-profile, awardwinning work, especially an assessment for the American Heart Association for a 2007 Super Bowl commercial. But providers have much smaller budgets than pharma. To help them, we had to draw upon our years of custom assessment experience.

We built the first flexible, white-labeled SaaS platform for non-clinical health assessments. It allowed us to rapidly develop feature-rich products, yet keep the price points palatable.


Ten years on, we are still the acknowledged leaders in the space. Custom development is long past. Our feature-rich 3rd-gen platform is now HITRUST® Certified and will soon include 21 assessments. Hundreds of hospitals generate significant revenue and engage a million consumers each year using our solutions.

We’ve launched a very promising second SaaS platform that bi-directionally integrates with EHRs like Epic and Cerner. With direct access to patient data, we can better tackle various complex healthcare problems at enterprise scale.

The first module on this new platform, Rx Savings Assistant, aims to revolutionize the penetration of pharma manufacturer discounts. We want to chip away at the problem of medication adherence.
When patients can’t afford their medications, they don’t fill and follow Rx as prescribed. This results in financial consequences for health systems.

Our disruptive solution is comparable to GoodRx, but with key advantages for patients and providers.


This new clinical vertical is a game-changer for us. It opens up many possibilities. Accordingly, we’ve got big plans for growth and innovation.

We’ll continue to leverage our position in the marketplace to establish new partnerships and break new ground. We may seek additional investment to help us do more, faster.





Of course, none of this is possible without our team of rock stars. Ultimately, our success is due to the dedication and talent of our incredible staff.

Lastly, we’re followers of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a business framework that helps us build a company that fosters our core values:

• Be passionately excellent
• Be positively resilient
• Be dedicated to the customer and company


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