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Founded in 1995, Media Office has evolved and grown into a System Integrator. Our aim is to offer our clients a ‘one-stop-shopping’ experience, where we design and integrate audio-visual solutions not only for meeting rooms and training classrooms, but for any area in your building.

Over the years, we have gained a lot of product knowledge and experience by developing innovative solutions within our sector and then integrating these into our projects.

By visiting international trade fairs, attending in-house and online training courses with manufacturers, and permanent market and product prospecting, we continue to increase our knowledge of audio-visual technologies every day.

For quite some time now, the integration and compatibility of IT and AV has been underway. As a progressive and leading company in the AV sector, we use this evolution to equip our installations as optimally as possible with the latest techniques. Devices are also increasingly managed in the cloud.

The big advantage here is that any “problems” users experience can be solved quickly. It is no longer necessary to plan a physical intervention, because most user problems can be identified via the online user interface of the device concerned.

The transition to IT of various audio-visual techniques, such as microphones, audio processors, videoconferencing, cameras, video walls, signal distribution… allows us to manage and control each device meticulously. Due to the increasing complexity of applications and techniques in the modern conference room, the importance of a quality and stable control system is becoming increasingly crucial, if not

When a (potential) client approaches us with a request for an audio-visual installation, we will first conduct an intake meeting to map out all current wishes/requirements, but also to understand all frustrations of the current system.

We always try to put together a quality system within a (possibly) predetermined budget, but will never deliver an audio-visual system that does not meet our minimum specifications. This is only to avoid future frustrations by the users.

Furthermore, we like to think along with our customer in a future-oriented way and therefore do not only provide a solution that meets the current needs, but is also expandable into the future when other needs arise.

Our starting point: the entire installation must be intuitive to operate. In this way, the user can focus on his presentation and not on the technology he uses to do so. Our target groups are very diverse: from SMEs to multinationals, government institutions, local authorities, non-profit sectors, etc. In short, any organization looking for an audio-visual solution in its meeting room, boardroom, council chamber, training room, multipurpose room, auditorium, etc.

Finally, we want to ‘unburden’ our customers by also offering onboarding. This includes registering the various components with the relevant manufacturers, so that the customer can benefit from an extension of the warranty, integrating the components into our customer’s network, and carrying out the settings of the devices according to the customer’s wishes, etc.

We would be happy to welcome you to our offices and demo room in Herentals (next to E313) to work out and implement your next audio-visual project with you.

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