MedAdvance Marketing-Developing Marketing Tools And Software For The Digital Advertising And Marketing Industry





MedAdvance Marketing is the standard for Medical related Marketing. With our combination of integrated marketing software/professional marketing services and experience, we help take Med Spas to the next level in their business evolution.


MedAdvance Marketing allows small to medium enterprise companies the opportunity to grow from design to marketing, to a platform that bolsters brand recognition & remarketing capabilities. We have a full-service solution that provides all types of digital marketing campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click ads on Google (PPC), Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We can help with anything from text & video content, to website development, as well as a tracking and reporting system for our clients. Our platform is full-service and piloted by a certified digital marketing executive to help facilitate the brand marketing goals and objectives.

Jake Shifrin, Founder


Since conception, we have been developing marketing tools and software for the digital advertising and marketing industry. We have strong relationships with great partners to bring you the best technology and services for a great and promising marketing solution.

Our team is comprised of top-caliber professionals that are industry-specific and can help with:

  • PPC Targeting Campaigns
  • Social Media Targeting
  • SEO optimization
  • Banner & Video Advertising

Our proprietary methodology allows us to provide our clients with the most efficient, relevant way to target a demographic and specific audience group. With this data and programmatic advertising strategies, we are able to maximize your advertising ROI

By using our marketing platform and solution, we can help show and track month-to-month results. Our mission statement is to provide you a customized/targeted approach to getting the right type of client through your door.

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