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To reach 2050 Net Zero goals, the world needs 4x-6x more metals mined than today*. In the heart of Adelaide, MaxMine, a thriving Mining Technology company is trailblazing the mantra of Mining Done Different to accelerate our path to sustaining Humanity’s scarce resources.

MaxMine is a technology solution for open-pit mines sites, founded in 2015, MaxMine’s suite of products capture, process and analyse mining operational data. MaxMine is driven by the core needs of open-pit mine site operators: making mine sites more efficient, safer, and environmentally sustainable.

MaxMine harnesses artificial intelligence, automated data processing and analytics, military-grade IoT, and mining expertise to enhance mining productivity. Gathering a thousand times more data than conventional fleet management systems in the mining space, MaxMine’s offering includes integrated business improvement coaching and operational analytics to drive sustained operator behaviour change, translating data into increased mining output tonnages.

MaxMine increases tonnes through trusted data giving confidence in operational decisions and facilitating execution through gamification of operator performance. As the world’s energy mix changes and global electrification takes hold, the mining industry is undergoing significant change. Those who embrace the new sustainability paradigm the fastest will ensure their mining operation is running at its peak. MaxMine helps mine sites reach their peak, acting as the mine’s ‘in-pit’ nervous system, optimising performance, reducing carbon and minimising problems.

Open-pit mining is an enormous excavation project, involving moving millions of tonnes of rock. Supervisors know, the faster the circuit of trucks move, the more money is earned. They need to know how long it takes for each truck to be loaded, how quickly the material is transported, avoiding traffic jams, all whilst making sure everyone drives safely. MaxMine captures this operational data to guide Management and Supervisors to improve efficiency and performance.

MaxMine produces the mining industry’s most trusted data by combining mining context with artificial intelligence, smart algorithms and intuitive software. MaxMine fully automates data processing, analysis and activity classification using custom-built algorithms, and AI, free of human input to ensure data accuracy.

Variability in operational performance erodes predictability in a mining operation, making it difficult to follow even the best mine plans and schedules. By providing mines sites with high-quality data, mining supervisors can make informed decisions faster and assist in delivering operational change at mines sites.

Open-pit mining has always been a hugely capital-intensive industry, the sheer scale of mining projects means that even small gains, can have huge revenue or cost benefits in the order of millions to tens of millions of dollars of value for MaxMine’s clients.

At the heart of what makes this Adelaide born global business unique is its uncanny ability to collect and connect high-quality data and provide decision-makers with answers to key questions. By taking clients on a data-driven journey and working as an extension to their team, MaxMine also delivers insight at the individual operator level, producing performance measures for each operator to help coach and uplift their capabilities. Similar to the feedback a Formula One race driver receives from their laps, this information is applied to each operator of the mining equipment; from the best gears to the best speed for each section of road they travel on.

MaxMine executive coaches work with mine sites to ensure sustainable disciplines are implemented to maintain improvements, hardwiring data to the operating system of the mine. At an individual level, each operator can take accountability for their impact on a mine’s productivity (revenue and cost) as well as how they contribute to the world’s carbon footprint with parameters in their control, speed, gears and RPM. Personalised scorecards and automated improvement coaching rewards positive behaviour. This style of operator gamification ensures improvements become habitual. MaxMine is designed as a full-service technology solution, because even the best technology alone does not deliver outcomes, people do.


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