For Greener building Solutions, The Future Is Maxen




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The company was set up in 2017 by two former football players from the University of Montreal Carabins. It was with their desire to win, their resilience and their common vision that these two athletes decided to found Maxen. Today, the company is growing and is surrounded by a dedicated and motivated team.

Maxen is a specialist in the development of artificial intelligence systems for optimizing the energy efficiency of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Thanks to their Cloud software, they are able to integrate the solutions already present in buildings in order to optimize their control. The Montreal-based company is able to have a constantly evolving offer, which adapts perfectly to the realities and needs of their customers. The mission is clear, the team wants to allow the largest number of buildings to optimize their energy efficiency in order to have a positive environmental impact on our planet.

Maxen arrives with AI solutions that revolutionize the way to have a real impact on the ecological footprint of buildings through technology. Their control software makes it possible to remotely optimize the energy efficiency of buildings in order to save between 10% and 20% on heating and cooling costs, without additional investment in infrastructure.

At Maxen we believe that we can help save our planet with our technology. It is with this spirit that we come to work every day, and it is also what motivates us to always surpass ourselves in order to reach our goal.– Samuel Nadeau-Piuze, CEO

Claude Demers Bélanger, Software Architect and Samuel Nadeau-Piuze, CEO

Already active in several countries, Maxen is a perfect example of how Montreal’s creativity, innovation, and talent can help businesses and their citizens reduce their environmental footprint and help fight climate change on a global scale.

For greener building solutions,
The future is Maxen.

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