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Innovation has always been an integral part of the company’s DNA

Founded in 2004 and located in Ottawa’s east end, MaxBounty is one of the longest-running cost-per-action advertising networks in the performance marketing space. Performance marketing is a truly unique marketing channel that specializes in maximizing the return on investment for both advertisers and their affiliates.

Whether the goal is selling products, capturing email addresses, or increasing app installs, MaxBounty’s team connects advertisers with online specialists such as bloggers, media-buyers, and social media experts (all known in the industry as “affiliates”) to help increase their business.

Advertisers utilize MaxBounty’s ever-growing base of nearly 30,000 affiliates to reach a wide variety of online audiences. All messaging is specifically targeted, carefully tracked through their proprietary technology platform and advertisers only pay for the actions that have delivered their desired outcome.

Uber, American Express, McAfee and Microsoft are just some of the globally recognized names that use MaxBounty to help grow their brand. MaxBounty was created by the same people that have propelled its success since—online affiliate marketers. In the early 2000s, the performance marketing industry was still in its infancy.

This created an online environment where rules and regulations were severely underdeveloped. People could take advantage of others financially because there were little to no repercussions or monitoring. All parties, from advertiser to affiliate to consumer, were in uncharted digital waters.

MaxBounty’s goal was to create a network that not only connected brands to affiliates, but also provided each party with security, stability, privacy, and support. This was the catalyst for their ongoing dedication to finding new ways to evolve both their network and the industry as a whole.

Evolving the Expectations of Performance Marketing

Although a lot has changed online since 2004—technology, society, and the rise of social media just to name a few —MaxBounty’s philosophy of continued innovation has not. The company strives to stay on top of trends and technologies to adapt quickly to their clients’ needs. Brands that work with MaxBounty have access to a robust proprietary software that provides them with instant laser-focused campaign data.

These advertisers know how and where users are interacting with the online campaigns being promoted by their affiliates. This eliminates the need for advertisers to spend additional money on third-party tracking systems, leaving a greater budget for actual advertising. Affiliates who work with MaxBounty have access to a separate proprietary software that provides detailed statistical breakdowns for each active advertising campaign, allowing affiliates to select the campaigns that best suit their business.

MaxBounty has increased its collaboration capabilities by engaging with more app developers with mobile campaigns, tracking in-app events and key performance indicators at in-depth levels. Recently, they introduced a Pay Per Call platform to their network that allows phone calls originating from online advertisements to be tracked through unique phone numbers.

This has opened the performance marketing arena to a large group of advertisers that have typically relied on traditional offline methods with little ability to track their return on investment.

The Power of Forward Momentum

MaxBounty has been named the No. 1 Cost-per-Action Network in the world on three occasions by mThink’s Bluebook Top Network Survey, the most reputable network ranking in the performance marketing space. In 2019, MaxBounty was voted the Best Network for Advertisers By Advertisers by the same publication.

CEO Matt McEvoy was selected as one of Ottawa-Gatineau’s 2019 Top Forty Under 40 recipients. Forty Under 40 is a joint initiative of the Ottawa Board of Trade and the Ottawa Business Journal that recognizes accomplished and rising business leaders under the age of 40 in the National Capital Region. These awards are a testament to the unwavering vision for innovation that remains an ongoing company-wide focus.

MaxBounty has recently migrated to a larger, modernized office space to accommodate their expanding team and allow them to thrive. As their client base keeps growing, so does the need to meet new demands in an industry that can transform quickly from one month to the next. MaxBounty has positively influenced the performance marketing industry for almost two decades and their future looks to be no exception.


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