Maths With Parents - Supporting Maths At Home


Maths with Parents is an online tool that supports maths at home. We help parents and children to love learning maths together. We believe that every child can enjoy and succeed in maths.


When it comes to maths, it isn’t always easy for parents to support their children.

  • Only 5% of parents know what topic their child is currently learning.
  • The topics often use new techniques that parents may never have seen.
  • Many parents feel anxious or negative about maths.

Our Solution
We work with primary schools to provide tailored support to the parents and children in every class.

  • Parents receive a short video in which kids explain how the maths is taught.
  • They play fun activities together on this topic.
  • Teachers can choose which topic to release, and receive feedback from kids and parents.

Our Values

  • Parents and teachers raise children together; we help to bridge the gap between school and home.
  • There are oodles of ways to make maths fun! We have over 500 fun games for parents and children to play together.
  • Maths doesn’t have to be scary. We’re with parents every step of the way, and our videos of kids are clear and easy to follow.

We help parents and children to love learning maths together at home.


Meet the Founder
Tom Harbour is a teacher and the founder of Maths with Parents. He has seen firsthand what brilliant support parents can be when they are able to make learning at home fun. He has set up Maths with Parents to help bring maths to life at home—stopping it being scary and making it fun.

Teachers believe in us!
95% of teachers would want to role Maths with Parents out into other year groups

Confidence increases
85% of parents noted an increase in confidence

Parents enjoy Maths with Parents!
83% of parents said that their enjoyment of maths homework had increased

Maths with Parents

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