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Chronic pain affects approximately 1 in 5 people and is one of the most difficult to treat chronic conditions. It’s a leading reason people seek healthcare, use opioid medication, and go on disability. Often referred to as the silent epidemic, the burden of chronic pain carries immense costs to individuals, communities, and society. To address this major societal challenge, ManagingLife is transforming chronic pain care with its innovative digital solution.


What is it like living with chronic pain?
You or someone you know may be living with chronic pain. It can have a monumental impact on all aspects of a person’s life. Lost income, lost relationships, the stigma of taking pain medication, and the emotional struggle of dealing with a chronic condition can drastically reduce a person’s quality of life.

How is ManagingLife transforming pain care?
ManagingLife has developed a digital solution called Manage My Pain to empower chronic pain patients to take control over their pain care. Manage My Pain is a clinically-validated app-based solution for people with chronic pain to conveniently measure, monitor, and manage their symptoms. It gives them a means to translate what they feel into a daily record that they can share with their health care providers.

By filling out a specifically-designed daily report on their smartphone or online, patients can record their unique symptoms and factors that trigger or improve pain. They can identify patterns over time to help them better understand and track their condition. Manage My Pain also includes a clinically-informed daily reflection to help patients record the meaningful activities they accomplished. This feature emphasizes patient empowerment and can be used to assess the patient’s daily function, an important clinical readout.


Trusted by chronic pain experts
Manage My Pain is not only a tracking app, but a powerful platform to connect patients to their healthcare team. Providers can review the records in a comprehensive report or remotely and use them to guide their approach to treatment.

The top-rated chronic pain app on the market
Manage My Pain is one of the most downloaded and top-rated chronic pain apps on the market. Tens of thousands of people from 130 countries have used it to manage their condition. It supports 7 different languages and is available on Android, Apple and the web. Thousands have left their public endorsements about how Manage My Pain has become an essential tool for them.

Tahir Janmohamed, Founder & CEO, ManagingLife

“One of the biggest challenges for many people living with chronic pain is that they often feel that no one believes their suffering and they have limited options for accessing health care. ManagingLife is working to tackle this challenge by putting innovation directly in the hands of chronic pain patients.”

– Tahir Janmohamed, Founder & CEO, ManagingLife

Developed with chronic pain experts and clinically-validated
ManagingLife has partnered with leading pain researchers and hospital-based pain clinics to help develop, validate, and use Manage My Pain. As a result of a multi-site validation study completed in March 2021, Manage My Pain is the world’s first and only commercially-available digital solution for chronic pain clinically proven to improve patient outcomes.

What does the future hold for ManagingLife?
ManagingLife is continuing to develop Manage My Pain to provide even more tools for people with chronic pain to enhance their quality of life. Using our unique dataset of patient-reported outcomes and machine learning, ManagingLife is building the first digital pain clinic. Our mission is to improve access to care for everyone living with chronic pain and reduce the immense individual and societal cost of chronic pain.

Dr. Hance Clarke, Director, Pain Service, Toronto General Hospital & Medical Director, ManagingLife

“Not only does Manage My Pain empower patients, it provides their care teams with more objective information to proactively manage their chronic pain and their pain medications.”

– Dr. Hance Clarke, Director, Pain Service, Toronto General Hospital & Medical Director, ManagingLife

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