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What started as a desire to bring a new product to the market 5 years ago has now turned into a well-known Tampa-based electronics company with a global reach.
Ben Malek, the founder, was on a business trip in Asia when he and his wife accidentally discovered the powerful sound coming out of a portable wireless speaker. Within days, they started a company to produce high quality portable audio products and sell them all over the world.



While the initial intent was to sell the products online-only, the demand led to retail stores asking to sell their products across the country and eventually around the world. So Malektronic had to learn not only how to manufacture, but also to import, distribute and most importantly market their products successfully.
One of the surest marketing partnerships was to work with a local sports team with a vast reach. As it happens, Malektronic signed an agreement and began working with the Tampa Bay Lightning and they struck gold. It just happened that on their first year on their deal, the Lightning made it all the way to the NHL Stanley Cup finals and they were receiving a lot of attention.

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