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What started as a desire to bring a new product to the market 5 years ago has now turned into a well-known Tampa-based electronics company with a global reach.
Ben Malek, the founder, was on a business trip in Asia when he and his wife accidentally discovered the powerful sound coming out of a portable wireless speaker. Within days, they started a company to produce high quality portable audio products and sell them all over the world.

While the initial intent was to sell the products online-only, the demand led to retail stores asking to sell their products across the country and eventually around the world. So Malektronic had to learn not only how to manufacture, but also to import, distribute and most importantly market their products successfully.
One of the surest marketing partnerships was to work with a local sports team with a vast reach. As it happens, Malektronic signed an agreement and began working with the Tampa Bay Lightning and they struck gold. It just happened that on their first year on their deal, the Lightning made it all the way to the NHL Stanley Cup finals and they were receiving a lot of attention.

Malektronic also found a way to capitalize on that, by having their astronaut mascot called the Malektronic Rocketman become more famous as the Lightning mascot. Within days, videos and pictures of Rocketman were appearing all over the news, TV and social media, which led him and Malek to be invited to sit in on ESPN’s SportsCenter. From there, many sports marketing organizations started to use this as a prime example on how to perform organic marketing growth.
While Rocketman still continues to do his thing, Malektronic continues to produce more advanced products to compete with some better known worldwide companies, like Bose, Sony, JBL or Beats. Because Malektronic is smaller, they’re able to bring new technologies to the market faster than those companies. “We had wireless speakers and headphones 2 years before Bose or Beats- we were selling waterproof speakers long before JBL decided to get into portable speaker market,” said Malek.
While those competitors are backed by multi-billion dollar organizations, Malektronic is backed by a community of customers that love their products. They have a trademark for the term “Sounds Perfect” and strive every day to make sure every one of their products matches that slogan.

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