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MakeOffices is a platform that empowers our members to grow their businesses through workspace, community, and partnership.

MakeOffices was founded with a mission to create a platform of useful solutions to the everyday entrepreneur. The first step is to make finding and leasing office space flexible, affordable, and pain-free. We understand what it is like to be a startup with a tight budget or a small business that doesn’t want to commit to a multi-year lease in a stuffy corporate environment.

MakeOffices delivers turnkey, move-in ready workspaces with flexible, month-to-month lease options that satisfy company needs without the burden and capital commitment of a long-term lease. Members are part of a vibrant community that regularly interacts through hosted events and organic networking opportunities. By providing the office infrastructure and all-inclusive amenities, including fast WiFi, 24/7 access, locally-roasted coffee, and craft beer, for one, low monthly rate, members can spend more of their time and money growing their businesses.

Here is what some of our members are saying about their experiences while at MakeOffices:

“MakeOffices checked all the boxes we were looking for. The bang for your buck at MakeOffices in terms of amenities provided, the actual square footage you get, and connections to local businesses/startups is unmatched.”— Elan Bar, Director of Operations, Cater2.me

“I love the community here. It’s definitely very productive. When you come here, you see that everyone is working so hard, and you want to work just as hard.”— Jesse Calzado-Esponda, Founder, Cuba Inspires

“We’ve tapped designers that are also working at MakeOffices, photographers, developers, social media gurus. We’ve been able to work with a number of the other MakeOffices members.” — Shy Pahlevani, Founder & CEO, Hungry.


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