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Make It. MSP. is a strategic initiative of the GREATER MSP Partnership. Leveraging a network-based structure, Make It. MSP. is the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) region’s effort to work collaboratively as a region to better attract and retain people. The ambition of the Make It. MSP. initiative is to make the MSP region one of the nation’s Top 10 performers at attracting and retaining people by 2030.



Newcomers : Projects, resources, events, and programs to welcome newcomers to MSP and help them make meaningful connections.

Professionals of Color : Teams working to better connect people of color as they grow and thrive in MSP

Tech Talent : Targeted attraction and retention efforts to expand the number of tech workers in MSP

Interns & Recent Grads : Events, partnerships, and tools to help better to attract college interns and graduates to MSP.



We develop data-driven focus areas alongside motivated partners Make It. MSP.’s work is focused in areas that, based on data, represent significant opportunity for improvement and where a diverse group of partners can collaborate.

We collect and share targeted insights from real people.

We listen first, gathering insights through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and conversations straight from the people we are trying to reach. These insights guide the actions we take together.  We set priorities, take action, and measure results in partnership Informed by the voices of our customers and coordinated by GREATER MSP staff, Make It. MSP. supports cross-sector teams that set goals together, launch and execute projects together, and evaluate results together.



The MSP Tech team has gathered key insights from tech workers in MSP and around the country. In early 2019, Make It. MSP. published an MSP Tech report as part of its Insights series. The report set out to capture a clearer picture of the region’s tech economy in relation to other top metros across the U.S. When looking at the total number of tech workers in MSP, the diversity of the region’s industry sectors, and the growth of the region’s startup ecosystem, the report made the case that MSP is a tech hub hiding in plain sight.

Each year, the MSP region plays host to Twin Cities Startup Week (TCSW), a free weeklong entrepreneurial conference hosting more than 200 events for more than 17,000 people. Make It. MSP. helps sponsor and market the TCSW Fly-In program, which gives people from all over the country an opportunity to experience the region in full force. Hundreds of jobseekers and entrepreneurs have now participated in the program, which reimburses candidates for travel and gives participants VIP access to the entire week including special networking events with employers. The program has led to new jobs, relocations, business deals, and more.

Make It. MSP. developed online profiles and video interviews highlighting a series of dynamic tech professionals who had moved to MSP from all corners of the country. Some worked for MSP’s large Fortune 500 companies like Target and Sleep Number, and others were founders of their own tech startups or had joined the thriving FinTech economy in the region. The profiles and videos are now housed on a permanent subpage of the website, and their content has been used for a variety of nationwide targeted ad campaigns promoting the tech ecosystem in MSP.

LEARN MORE : Website including guides, event calendars, tools to help attract and retain people, a job portal, and blog.

Make It. MSP. Insights : Quarterly reports examining migration trends, people’s perceptions of MSP, and team projects that can be downloaded for free at

Monthly Newsletters : E-mails designed for different audiences and partners, including talent leaders, newcomers, people of color, and more with free subscription at


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