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Global Software Services And Global Supply Chain Management




MagRabbit, Inc. is an award-winning certified National Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) founded in 1990 by Tommy Hodinh and headquartered in Austin, Texas. MagRabbit’s two groups, Global Software Services and Global Supply Chain Management employ over 250 people worldwide and provide services to over 300 clients which include many of America’s top “Fortune 1000” corporations.

MagRabbit has offices in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio Texas, as well in Hue and DaNang City, Vietnam. Their end-to-end software and global supply chain solutions offer companies the opportunity to offload the heavy lifting of turning an idea into a successful finished product.




Austin Welcomes a Young Immigrant and His Pursuit of the American Dream

Chairman and CEO, Tommy Hodinh arrived in the United States in 1972 during the Vietnam war as an immigrant with a strong desire to pursue the American dream. After working his way through college, Hodinh became an American citizen and embarked on a successful career at IBM. After 15 years at one of the top tech companies in the world, Hodinh left to pursue his own entrepreneurial enterprises as founder of MagRabbit Inc.

With the launch of the company at the beginning of the 90’s tech boom, their core business model was replication of magnetic (floppy) discs, which is what inspired the company name. Mag from “magnetic discs” and Rabbit from how fast they reproduce became “MagRabbit” with the company slogan “More than a hare better and much faster than our competitors”.

Today, MagRabbit is a global company and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with partnerships that facilitate business alignment, top-notch customer experiences and scalability to create new business opportunities for their customers. The company now includes the divisions of MagRabbit Global Software Services, LLC, MagRabbit Dedicated Fleet, LLC and MagRabbit AIW, LLC and MagRabbit Managed Services, LLC.



MagRabbit Partnerships Build World-Class Teams in Austin’s Silicon Hills

MagRabbit is an award-winning company and the majority owner in several joint ventures certified as Minority Business Enterprises (MBE). MagRabbit’s customer-focused philosophy has allowed them to easily adapt their business model to the changing needs of their clients, providing products and services on a global scale.

True to their slogan “More than a hare better and much faster than our competitors”, MagRabbit was soon providing fulfillment, transportation, and logistics management for their magnetic disc replication clients. By 1998, the company was offering comprehensive supply chain management solutions. In 2005, MagRabbit expanded its services by offering global IT consulting and in 2006, launched global software development services to provide affordable offshore software development for their customers. In 2017, launched Global Managed Services LLC to provide Business Process Outsource ( BPO) for the US and All Asian Countries.

MagRabbit’s divisions and subsidiaries include MagRabbit Vietnam, MagRabbit Global Software Services, MagRabbit AIW, and MagRabbit Dedicated Fleet, all ran from their corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas.



A Leader in Global Software Services Deep in the Heart of Texas

The global MagRabbit software development team provides consulting, design, build and launch of business and digital products for clients across many industries and sectors, for world-class managed services.

MagRabbit specializes in providing enterprise software consulting and development services to Texas-born and bred Fortune 500 companies such as H-E-B Grocery Stores and Dell Inc, as well as iconic institutions such as the University of Texas.

With over 25 years of experience working with publicly traded companies, MagRabbit’s processes, methodologies, and software development cycles are proven, tested, and well-documented, and suitable for any industries, including grocery stores, retail and restaurants, high tech manufacturing, and automotive industries.

With the scalability as the primary goal, MagRabbit delivers a sizeable value proposition to clients with an 80/20 model of offshore and nearshore resources. With their corporate headquarters based in Austin, TX, MagRabbit mitigates the risk and uncertainty of remote development by providing business analysis and project management control at the client site, while synchronizing the objectives with our development teams located in state-of-the-art technology centers in Vietnam.

20 Years of Supply Chain Management

MagRabbit’s commitment to evolving with their client’s needs led them to begin offering turnkey supply chain management services over 20 years ago. MagRabbit’s two decades of experience solving their client’s global supply chain problems have created a highly specialized logistics team. This know-how and can-do spirit benefits their clients today by making it easy to quickly customize solutions that offer the best quality for the lowest possible cost.

As a leading 3PL and 4PL provider, MagRabbit has an effective and economical approach to identify cost reduction programs that optimize their client’s supply chain. Their Logistics and Product Procurement groups in their Global Supply Chain Management team provides turnkey solutions with strategic insight and management over an enterprise’s entire supply chain.


MagRabbit has aligned with strategic partners to provide procurement of raw materials, finished goods, and general supplies, plus high-tech, automotive, retail and industrial MRO supplies. MagRabbit’s logistic services are world-class, providing end-to-end transportation, warehousing, and distribution of their clients’ products.

Today, MagRabbit is a corporate and community leader, receiving 18 awards to date, from clients such as H.E.B. and Dell, Inc, as well as numerous accolades recognizing their commitment to offering clients superior service as a minority-owned business.

MagRabbit’s leadership is very proud of their history and two decades of providing financial and job security to their employees and shareholders. Their pledge to be an irreplaceable supplier to their clients, and to be of service to the global community is what makes MagRabbit a world-class leader in enterprise business solutions.

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