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Maestro Technology provides ease of access and proximity to talent, skills, and resources in the emerging Technology Corridor of Trenton, New Jersey. Its socially conscious and innovative culture is complemented with learning escalation for its employees. Through its proactive training programs that cultivate and empower the employee, it benefits the internal and external corporate culture and ultimately the business-client relationship. This is our commitment as timely relevance as a best practice service to our clients. The additional benefit is creation of local jobs in Trenton with onshore access for clients across the United States.

The Onshore Insourced DataOps As A Service model provides savings to clients at multiple levels while maintaining and delivering on client-centric Service Level Objectives. Every business experiences its own  journey depending on the maturity of their existing digital services which could involve building a toolbox for technology platform eliminating and automating redundant processes and engineering or simplifying ways around technology adoption. This path requires a shift away from product delivery and transactions and focus on end-user, the human component keeping information security and compliance in check. Through its understanding of needs, capabilities, adoption, migration, and security, Maestro manages to deliver a DataOps Center of Excellence in its native state as a service to its clients, thereby helping them optimize processes and enhance product delivery.

This is achieved through a culture of collective ownership, collaborative efforts, continuous experimentation, and deliberate Research and Development.

Our work begins in pre-production and follows through Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment with Continuous Resilience (CI/CD/CR). The workflows are automated creating a continuous pipeline built upon the client’s demands and needs with keywords repeated as a Mantra—People, Process, Technology.

Maestro has always been on the lookout for the next big thing in the forefront of the Technology Innovation. Back in the day, Maestro was one of the first Internet Service Providers in downtown Manhattan opposite the New York Stock Exchange and kept evolving. Data is compared to oil as a currency that has been shifting industry into a revolution creating multiple ways of monetization. Maestro team of data engineers, scientists, project managers, and operations personnel understand the data journey from multiple sources, volumes, velocity, and veracity extracting wisdom and delivering decisions. While competition is trying to catch-up, Maestro Technologies has been providing integrated processes and set of tools to support DataOps as a Service to many of its clients already.

We leverage tools for success based on the projects and use our experience to customize DataOps Solution for each client. Day-to-day management is offered using standardized processes and practices. Standard practices are used to migrate data and apps to cloud. Integration and analytic tools are used to manage workflow.

Once a common application platform is created, multiple clients can be hosted and treated as different lines of business. As the platform matures, DataOps as a Service can be offered across other industries with captive resources in New Jersey. The service innovation mushrooms across other lines of business and across other industries and economies of scale can provide another level of financial innovation.

Maestro Technologies Inc. originally started as an ISP in 1993 in NYC by two Wall Street friends that reinvented itself into an innovative Software Solutions company. Headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, Maestro assists businesses to implement data management solutions through game-changing, emerging technologies in Big Data space. The record-breaking pace of data growth continues to increase along with tools and technologies that keep the industry abreast and world markets in check. There is constant pressure to extract valuable insights from data thereby widening the gap for companies trying to catch-up while competing to be relevant. As the cycle of data adoption may vary, Maestro, who understands data as a most precious currency, sees an opportunity.

Maestro builds that bridge between new market trends and business needs and drives it through the execution of progressive thought leadership guided by its ability to construct flexible, resilient, economic and intelligent data assets for its clients.

Maestro offers Data Management Services such as assessment, design, development, infrastructure maintenance, deployment of IT solutions, project management, and cloud migration.

With a specialized approach to client relationships and personalized service, Maestro continues to execute upon the most diverse and complex requirements. Maestro’s creed is old fashioned: achieve success through a combination of innovation and automation while inculcating the culture of integrity and respect. Maestro treats each client as an extension of their own team rather than act as an outsourced consultant, providing deliverables with full transparency and ownership. Competence is built in-house with the highest standards keeping a great emphasis on emerging trends in the Industry.

Beyond work ethics, the subject matter experts, and the Solutions Practice Maestro team diligently works towards rebuilding a community and revitalize the technology footprint in New Jersey’s capital. Maestro challenged itself in 2017 and promised to create jobs in the Capital City. The state of New Jersey responded, recognizing the initiative and awarded Maestro with support to help navigate towards that goal. In 2018 Maestro purchased and moved offices to an 85,000-square-foot “The Corner Historic” building and named it SMART Applications Innovation (SAI) Center. The SAI Center is fast becoming the “Innovation Hub” of Trenton, run by an accomplished team of technologists who serve private and public sectors as well as the communities in which they operate. This downtown HQ is at the center of Maestro’s vision. The building is known for being the site of the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 6, 1787. This site also hosted George Washington and his family when en route to New York City to his inauguration ceremony, taking the oath as our nation’s first president. The One West State Street landmark originated as a homestead into the 1730s before transitioning into City Tavern in the late 1700s and becoming a bank throughout the 1800 and 1900s.

Maestro HQ is building a thriving culture for developers, incubators, nonprofits, media professionals, policymakers, and educational institutes and is hosting meetups, events, and conferences, driven through public and private partnerships. With this unison, the future is bright for the City of Trenton and Maestro is grateful to be part of its urban redevelopment efforts.

As of this publication this year, Maestro delivers facility readiness for training, advancement, and product development. The strategic goal is to empower local and state agencies by offering creative ways to help companies grow independently and obtain the solutions they need to be successful. Since moving its HQ to Trenton, Maestro Technologies has helped welcome its new Mayor, Reed Gusciora, to the Capital City, organized various technology events, conferences, and host monthly meetups for the community.

In the print, Trenton business communities along with Maestro’s efforts to make Trenton an attractive destination for technology companies were fairly recognized when CompTIA (world’s leading technology association) ranked Trenton as No. 18 “Tech Town” in the nation. The resurgence of Trenton and surrounding areas are being led by growing businesses and economic development communities led by Maestro Technologies and its team of innovators. The company’s mission is to build a better tech community in the state of New Jersey by attracting and retaining world-class talent and fostering long-standing client relationships while developing unique solutions and creating inventive tools.

For the past 10 years, Maestro has been a vital partner to major organizations like Microsoft, Oracle, Cloudera, IBM, and Google. These leading organizations have shared their vision, technology roadmap, and commitment to finding the right solution that moves the tech industry forward. Empowered with these relationships and its drive and passion, Maestro is en route to become a known and preferred provider of DataOps, Cloud Services, DevOps, Cyber Security, AI, and Solutions. The dedicated Maestro team diligently cultivates each opportunity to foster long-term relationships via its culture of integrity and mutual trust.

While building a committed New Jersey brand, Maestro prides its state by being listed as one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine three years in a row. Maestro was also named a finalist in 2017 NJBIZ Business of the Year, which celebrated New Jersey’s most dynamic businesses and their leaders who share a commitment to professional excellence, business growth, and support for the community. Recently, Kamal Bathla was honored as the 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year by Einstein Alley and the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC). He was also nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. As Maestro Technology grows, so do the opportunities in the state of New Jersey. While Maestro is making Trenton and New Jersey proud, Bathla’s leadership team is applying their leading-edge expertise in software architecture to big data, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, and cybersecurity solutions. To that end, Bathla is quite passionate about transforming Trenton into the Innovation Capital of New Jersey, providing thought leadership towards technology-centric programs.

What is being done in Trenton NJ by Maestro can be replicated by anyone in any other city seeking help from small or mid-size business leaders. The innovation is in building that culture of collaboration and economic development through public-private partnerships. Imagine a landscape where businesses invest in the cities by mobilizing the ecosystem. Cities benefit through local job creation and building a secure environment through tax revenue, and businesses enjoy the fruits of the expanded marketplace through mutual agreements. Companies provide services to the cities as and when needed developing the workforce ready for local engagements. With the help of technology and learning resources abundant intelligent population can be trained for repurposing and redeployment that may have become unfortunate victims of unemployment due to multiple trends and shifts in the industry. Getting involved with relevant contributions is the most important gift that entrepreneurs can offer—that is how success must be measured, disrupt your landscape and become the change.

Kamal Bathla, co-founder and Managing Director of Maestro Technologies, has built a company that uses data, various platforms, critical analyses, and robust and transformational ecosystems to navigate and bridge the “gap” between need, trend, budget, and timelines. Together with governance and provenance, Maestro provides a broad array of IT solutions ranging from the development of intelligent process optimization to data visualization via building infrastructures, dashboards. Maestro client-centric custom solutions and products enhance efficiency and close the loop on data insights in the ever-growing need for Big Data ecosystem and landscape.


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