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In the field of artificial intelligence, the world of academic research has excelled in Quebec. It has produced renowned researchers and thinkers in operational research and, more recently, in deep learning. Our researchers are amongst the most cited in these fields. Graduate students from all over the world aspire to come and study in our AI research centers. The city of Montreal even has the highest concentration of AI researchers in the world!

We should all be very proud of this. The success of our researchers and the ambition of our universities make us shine internationally. But what should be the next step? How can we accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence by our SMEs so that they can remain competitive internationally? What societal changes will be created by this scientific revolution?

For Prompt, AI will reach its full potential when all this knowledge born in our universities has taken root in our companies, accelerating their productivity and growth, in all sectors of our economy.

Quebec is a hotbed of AI technology developers and visionary entrepreneurs who are eager to be propelled by artificial intelligence. The former are artificial intelligence specialists whereas the latter rarely have the knowledge to fully benefit from the innovations made possible by AI. This is why the meeting of these two worlds – cutting-edge research and driven entrepreneurship – is such a powerful avenue for breakthrough innovations. By joining minds and inspiration, researchers and entrepreneurs will truly be able to reduce the productivity gap and create wealth.

This is the kind of Quebec we are working towards: a Quebec that has been able to democratize AI and make it accessible to the province’s 240,000 SMEs. A Quebec that has been able to take hold of this new data economy and become a dynamic springboard for innovations that can shine internationally.

The innovative Quebec we want is a Quebec ranking high amongst the world leaders in this most important digital revolution of our time. This hope and vision guide the daily work of our team at Prompt. Only by working together, researchers and entrepreneurs, can we distinguish ourselves in the strategic field of artificial intelligence on a global scale.

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