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At MacIsaac Consulting we are changing the way companies manage technology projects. We do this by breaking down barriers that impede agility. Delivering value early and often through small cross-functional teams is our motto. It is imperative that business and technology units work together. Technology projects are a means of solving business problems, and business units must play a key role in their success. We teach companies how to use small teams of 6-8 people to tackle large technology initiatives. Delivering value through short iterations is our approach to product development. We believe human interactions are the key to success with technology projects. We value emotional intelligence and soft skills as much as technology skills.

Mike MacIsaac, Co-founder; Tere MacIsaac, President & Co-founder

MacIsaac Consulting was founded in 2015 by Mike and Tere MacIsaac. A family business, Mike and Tere set out to create a firm that companies can trust to deliver complex projects. Tere has an extensive background in IT, consulting, and software QA. Mike as a background as an IT project manager and an MBA from Bethel University. Mike is currently in the executive leadership program at the Carlson School of Management.

Today, companies need to run projects that include AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, and big data. These projects need top technical talent, but they also need more. Culture, structure, and new ways of working are just as important. We show companies how to be successful by connecting technologies to business value.

Mike MacIsaac, Co-founder and Principal MBA, PMP, A-CSM | Ryan Shea, Agile & DevOps Delivery Lead CPPM, PMI-ACP

MacIsaac Consulting recently managed two large scale IT projects using an Agile practice. The first was a $6 million identity and access management (IAM) project. The multi-year initiative was for a large financial institution. IAM is a specialty discipline within cyber security. It increases productivity while securely enabling access to systems. To deliver the project, a cross-functional Agile team was used. The team used a Kanban process to integrate 30 legacy financial systems into one centralized IAM platform.

A separate project was led by Ryan Shea to improve dotcom operational efficiency for one of the nation’s largest retailers. Ryan led the initiative to migrate company applications from an internal data center to the cloud. The cloud computing technology uses “container” virtualization technology to drive efficiency, save costs, and improve agility. Ryan also streamlined the process for delivering infrastructure faster and allowing for quicker deployments.

We plan to continue to grow the firm focusing on delivering IT projects using an Agile practice. We are also doing more work in the business analytics space. Companies are struggling to managing business analytics projects and we are here to help. We provide Agile techniques and the right technical skills so companies can be successful.

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