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My interest in the Entertainment Industry started when I drove Limousines in College because I played College Basketball and this job allowed me to work when I had the time. I drove a lot of Entertainers, Athletes, and Celebrities in the Boston area, which piqued my interest, working with Top Talent.

Shortly after College, I relocated to Tampa, Florida and I took advantage of my Education in Business Management to submerse myself in the highly sought-after Management Training Program with Enterprise Rent a Car.

While excelling at an extremely high level and constantly finishing #1 in Sales in the Tampa Bay area, I was on a fast track to get promoted quickly, but my plans came to a sudden halt, unexpectedly! I was on my way to work one morning and just 5 minutes into my commute, I was almost killed in a car accident! In a fight for my life, I was flown by helicopter to Tampa General Hospital because I wouldn’t have survived by Ambulance.

I suffered from a Broken Skull and a Traumatic Brain Injury. I was in a coma for a few days and in the Hospital for a month. I also needed to do full-time rehab for months in order to be able to return to work.

After returning to work, I spent an additional 3+ years with Enterprise and it was an invaluable experience and priceless training. But after coming so close to death, you look at things totally different, and I felt like I had a bigger calling!

So, I decided to get back into driving Limousines because I figured I would be networking with a lot of high-level Professionals that could take my career to the next level. With my previous experience as a Bouncer, I was given a lot of the Celebrities & Athletes, so I could act as extra security. That led to many priceless experiences with Usher, Shania Twain, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Buffett, the Super Bowl Ring Ceremony, and the transportation & security of The Stanley Cup. This culminated in a job offer in Management with a Record Label.

Several years later, I became friends with someone who just moved here from Hollywood and we restarted his Film Production Company. I instantly became a Leader in the Tampa Bay & Florida Film Community and I was elected President of the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association – Tampa Bay Chapter and Vice President of the statewide organization. After three years of service in that role, I became the first President of the Sunscreen Film Society, a subsidiary of the Sunscreen Film Festival, one of the best Film Festivals in the Country.

Eventually, that led me to start MA Talent & Event Management because I have a large network of contacts in the Entertainment Industry, as well as successful experience in all aspects of Events. Considering my background and passion has always been Leadership & Management, it seemed like an easy decision to combine my Connections, Drive, & Leadership Skills, to help Artists & Entertainers!

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