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We are Luna 9 – Creative problem solvers on a mission to connect people through design. We take complex information and make it easy to understand.


Based in the heart of Bristol, Luna 9 is a specialist information design agency. We’ve partnered with organisations like NHS England, Dyson and a host of international charities to help them communicate in more visual, simple ways. We named our company after the first satellite to successfully land on the moon; breaking new ground and relaying information that shaped how people viewed the world.

It’s our belief that great ideas should be shared. We’re living in the information age but so much knowledge is lost because it’s not being communicated in the right way. Through intelligent design and creativity, we improve the way information is presented, shared and experienced. Here at Luna 9, we make information matter.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ challenges, asking the important questions and working in partnership to learn as much as we can about their message and, crucially, their audience. Since our launch in 2018, we have worked on some amazing briefs for clients across a range of sectors, all with the same goal – to bring clarity and engagement to their communication using immersive digital design, interactive documents, infographics and animation.


“ Whenever you guys show me something, it’s like… BOOM!”

- -Programme Director, Conciliation Resources


We are proud to have previously worked at some superb creative companies, and that has gone a long way to shaping our vision for Luna 9. When we started the agency, we were determined to carve out a niche as experts in our field. Bristol is blessed with lots of amazing design and digital agencies so we wanted to specialise in what we are really passionate about – making complex, fascinating things easy to understand. The interconnected communities here, across all sectors, have welcomed us with open arms and further cemented our desire to collaborate and share knowledge.

Going forward we’re excited to grow our team further and work with more amazing clients; from start-ups to international organisations. We’re on a mission to help bring a little more clarity to the way we all share information, and we’re only just getting started.

Michael Green – Managing Director
Michael is passionate about growing Luna 9 and working with our clients to revolutionise the way they communicate. He’s always got film soundtracks on his headphones and dreams of conducting business meetings on the golf course. So far there have been zero.

Owen Davies – Creative Director

Owen oversees Luna 9’s creative output and applies his keen eye for detail to all aspects of his life. He hand-built furniture for the company office and often supplies the team with vegetables grown on his allotment.

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