Luis Rocha Antunes

Managing Director, Acacia Point Capital Advisors - Portugal



Business Parks Are Experiencing A Profound Renaissance And Revolution Over The Past Five Years.

As Featured:

The expansion of the world economy in the pre-pandemic period heightened efforts from companies looking to attract the best talent to provide an appealing workspace environment.

Design, service, sustainability and experience became core requirements for the most successful and ambitious companies.
The real estate industry responded and is evolving from simply providing space, to an all-inclusive set of services and management that deliver on all these aspirations.

I have worked in real estate for more than two decades and been involved in over €4 billion worth of real estate investment transactions in Portugal. Dealing with local and international investors, developers, banks and occupiers, I had a privileged exposure to the many different drivers that lead this diverse set of real estate players.

The post-pandemic world will require a more demanding and flexible response from the real estate industry. People will come out of lockdown with more awareness of health considerations, but also keener on flexible work hours, improved surroundings in terms of amenities, services, landscaping, and the much spoken about, but not often achieved, work/life balance.

Walking around our cities and our office parks during lockdown on a regular working morning and seeing empty streets, restaurants and offices is a vision that will stay in our minds for a long time.

It is striking how human touch, proximity and interaction are such a fundamental part of our lives, and the extent to which a high-quality work space, detached from our home, is a fundamental part of our well-being.

A quote that inspires me? “We shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us”.

A simple but powerful quote by Sir Winston Churchill. A reminder of how the workspace experience shapes all organisations, and that investing in that experience is key to improve motivation, sense of belonging, pride and loyalty.

Luis has a degree in Business and Administration from Lisbon Catholic University and 23 years’ experience in the Portuguese real estate market.

Luis leads the Portuguese business of Acacia Point Capital Advisors. He is at the forefront of dialogue with municipalities, architects, professional service suppliers and other stakeholders.

Previously, Luis was Head of Cushman & Wakefield’s Portuguese Capital Markets Team and served on its Management Board. He is one of Portugal’s real estate veterans, working with companies from all sectors in offices, retail and logistics. Luis’s career started at the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission.

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